Nate Interview - 10 Keys to Surviving the Probationary Period
We will start off with an intro. Basically, you are a Virgin...
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Nate interview

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Nate Interview - 10 Keys to Surviving the Probationary Period We will start off with an intro. Basically, you are a Virginia Tech Graduate with Bachelors in Marketing. You just graduated. You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want. What do you do? You work for the federal government as whatever position you would like. How did you find out about the job? I’m going to be talking about how I spoke with you and you were just telling me about how you survived your probationary period (1year) at your job and you pretty much followed these 10 steps in order to get there. I will begin to go through each one. Just elaborate on each one and how you applied to your current job. Try to give an example of each one. 1. be punctual – Talk about the importance and how people notice these things. Then provide an example 2. Be on top of things - Know exactly what is expected of you. If you're not sure - ask! It's not advisable to proceed with the hope that you'll blag your way through. Find out when you are expected to complete tasks and then manage your time accordingly. Stick to deadlines. Unfortunately, this may mean on occasion you need to put in those extra hours. If meeting the deadline is really not possible, make sure you let your line manager know in plenty of time and explain why. Turning up on the day without your presentation/assignment/completed task will not earn you any points. 3. Dress for the position you want – Talk about how your manager always compliment you on your dress. Tell them how everyone don’t follow the dress code entirely but you do and its made a difference 4. Have a great attitude – Just talk 5. Initiative - If you finish a task with plenty of time to spare, don't hold on to it and use the interim to surf the net, call your friends from the office phone or play. 6. Be consistent - 7. Be a team player - 8. Keep your mouth shut – Don’t talk bad about your boss. Talk about the Ihop story, you can use a different restaurant or whatever 9. Go the extra mile 10. Relationships – Talk about the importance of networking and getting to know your peers and managers. At this point we will conclude, I will be talking about a bunch of stuff I guess. Just stay on until I dismiss you.

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