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Nation-Building Thailand
Influence of Thai-ness Towards Economic Politic Develop...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Aprilita Kusumaningrum 12/328699/SP/25075 Nation-Building Thailand Influence of Thai-ness Towards Economic Politic Development in Thailand Contemporer Thailand is a pluralistic state. Containing of many ethnics whose live in Thailand making it unique with many culture heritages. As independence country, Thailand monarchy constitutional system still ruled by the King. The King known as source of power and the Highest Majesty. This concept implicate on how the society keep maintaining the culture and tradition even though the wave of globalization are coming. Changing in this contemporary era bring a new concept of globalization which could impact badness on Thailand culture heritage. Thus in 1950s, Thailand government implement the idea such as “sense of belonging” to the culture heritage. It is the ways to minimalize the negative impact from globalization to culture aspect. Thai-ness ideology which constructed by Thailand government are implemented in education and others media. It aim for enhance the patriotism on Thailand society. Existence of Thai-ness ideology implicate to economic politic development in Thailand, actually in tourism sector. Thailand was the first country who declare a campaign for tourism sector. In 1985, Tourism Authority of Thailand saw that the first economic boom was a strategic market to promote some tour destination in Thailand. Some of the destination are excited for holiday visit. The promotion continued to 1986 when Thailand promoted campaign programs. The campaign programs was “Brilliant Thailand” (1986) ; “Visit Thailand” (1987) ; “Exotic Thailand – Golden Places, Smiling Faces” to promote “Thailand – See More of the Country, See More of the People” (1991) 1 In this case, writers see that national integration to promote Thailand cultural heritage impact positively for Thailand nation building. The patriotism that occur as the product of Thai-ness ideology could shape a new integration to promote the cultural heritage on this contemporary globalization era. Writers argue that this programs will give positive result to economic politic development in case of collecting devisa from foreign tourist. 1 Kahn, Joel S. Southeast Asian Identities : Culture and the Politics of Representation in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Institute of International Studies Singapore-London. P.135

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