Glen Ridge announces thatit has been named the exclusive Canadian
distributor for BNB Battery LLC
By Trish Butcher
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Glen Ridge has been named the exclusive Canadian Distributor for BNB Battery LLC.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Glen Ridge announces thatit has been named the exclusive Canadian distributor for BNB Battery LLC By Trish Butcher February 25, 2015 Ontario, Canada – Glen Ridge, a fleet management/full maintenance leasing company, announced today that it will be the exclusive Canadian distributor of battery regeneration products for BNB Battery LCC located in Noblesville, Indiana. Glen Ridge President, Dennis McCraw, is excited to bring these products to the Canadian market place to assist fleets in reducing battery related expenses from 20 to 80% and widen its existing customer base. The BNB Battery products Glen Ridge will make available for rent with operating license, will include the Model 8400-12/2 Two Port Regenerator, Model 8400-12/4 Four Port Regenerator and Model 3048-84 Regenerator. About Glen Ridge Glen Ridge is owned by Dennis McCraw. He has over 23 years experience in the fleet and repair industry. Dennis has always looked out for the best interests of his customers by finding innovative solutions and promoting new technology to the market place. Glen Ridge focuses on genuine improvements in both efficiency and effectiveness for small to medium size fleets by adhering to the below key principles: Focus on the customer. Identify and understand how the work gets done. Manage, Improve and smooth the process flow. Remove non-value added steps and waste. Manage by fact to reduce variation. Involve and equip the people in the process. DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) Processes Glen Ridge, in addition to being a fleet management/full maintenance lease company, offers full maintenance contracts on company owned/net lease equipment, 24hr North American wide breakdown management services with their Road Rescue service, management/accounts receivable solutions for small to mid-sized repair companies and offers consulting services to small to mid sized fleets. For more information, please contact Dennis McCraw at: Phone: 289-407-5206 Email: Visit About BNB Battery LLC Mickey Brooks is CEO and Owner of BNB Battery. They develop products and services that re-use, reenergize, and recondition your current inventory of lead-acid batteries for a fraction of the cost of new replacement batteries. And, in an eco-friendly manner that reduces carbon impact more than recycling. Fleet trucking companies and their service providers are the focus of these battery regeneration products. Most experience a 60% -80% improvements in battery cost or revenue. Forward thinking companies who have implemented battery powered APU's will find their system especially valuable in extending the life of their AGM batteries. For more information, please visit