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National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

  • 1. National Institute of NIH–NINDS Neurological Disorders 1 of 4 and Stroke Office of the Director (HNQ1) Office of Communications Office of Office of Science Policy Office of Minority Health Office of Translational Office of Clinical and Public Liaison Administration and Planning Research Research Research (HNQ1-4) (HNQ1-5) (HNQ1-6) (HNQ17) (HNQ18) (HNQ19) Division of Intramural Division of Extramural Research Research (HNQ2) (HNQ7) Conducts, fosters, and supports research and research training on the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological and muscle disorders through: • Intramural, collaborative, and field research in its own laboratories, branches and clinics, and through contracts; • Research grants to scientific institutions and to individuals; • Individual and institutional research training awards to increase trained professional research personnel in neurological fields; and • Cooperation with various agencies in collecting and disseminating educational and informational material related to neurological disorders. 95
  • 2. Office of the Director NIH–NINDS 2 of 4 Office of the Director (HNQ1) Office of Communications Office of Office of Science Policy Office of Minority Health Office of Translational Office of Clinical and Public Liaison Administration and Planning Research Research Research (HNQ1-4) (HNQ1-5) (HNQ1-6) (HNQ17) (HNQ18) (HNQ19) Scientific Publications/ Public Information Branch Administrative (HNQ1-46) Services Branch (HNQ1-52) Health Education/Public Liaison Branch (HNQ1-47) Financial Management Branch (HNQ1-53) Information Resources Management Branch (HNQ1-56) Data Management Section (2) Network Management Section (3) 96
  • 3. Division of NIH–NINDS Intramural Research 3 of 4 Office of the Director Animal Health and (HNQ2) Care Section (HNQ2-2) In Vivo NMR Center (HNQ2-3) Stem Cell Characterization Facility Center (HNQ2-4) Office of Clinical Clinical Epilepsy Section Basic Neurosciences Instrumentation and Neural Cell-Fate Clinical Neurosciences Cognitive Neuroscience Director (-6) Program Computer Section (-2) Determinants Section (-E) Program Section (-2) (HNQ221) (HNQ23) (HNQ22) Clinical Neurocardiology Neurophysiological G-Protein Coupled Molecular Physiology and Electroencephalography Section (-4) Pharmacology Section (-8) Receptors Section (-B) Biophysics Section (-G) Section (2) Epilepsy Research Section Cellular and Developmental Molecular Electromyography (-5) Neurobiology Section Neuropharmacology Section (-C) Section (-H) (3) Stroke Neuroimmunology Medical Neurology Laboratory of Functional Laboratory of Laboratory of Molecular Laboratory of Molecular Branch Branch Branch and Molecular Imaging Neurophysiology Medicine and and Cellular Neurobiology (HNQ22C) (HNQ224) (HNQ227) (HNQ232) (HNQ237) Neuroscience (HNQ23B) (HNQ23G) Clinical Investigations Neurological Human Motor Functional and Molecular Molecular Medicine Membrane Biochemistry Section Diseases Section Control Section Metabolism Section Laboratory of Neural and Virology Section Control Section (2) (2) (4) (2) (2) (2) (HNQ238) Acute Stroke Research Cellular Immunology Human Cortical Physiology Advanced MRI Myelin and Brain Molecular Section Section Section Section Neural Mechanisms Development Section Therapeutics Section (5) (3) (5) (3) Section (3) (3) Molecular Immunology (2) Surgical Neurology Primate Physiology Laboratory of Molecular Molecular and Viral Branch Section Section Developmental Laboratory of (4) Biology Genetics Section Developmental (HNQ222) (6) (HNQ234) Neurobiology Section (4) (3) Neurogenics (HNQ23H) Clinical Neurosurgery Viral Immunology Laryngeal and Speech Section Section Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory of Neural and Molecular Section Section on Cellular and (5) (7) Section Neurobiology Biology Section (2) Systems Neurobiology (2) (HNQ23D) (2) Biochemistry Section Neurogenetics Neuroepidemiology (5) Developmental Biology Structural Cell (3) Branch Branch Section Mammalian Development Laboratory of Central Biology Section Section (HNQ225) (HNQ228) (3) (2) Developmental and Nervous Systems Studies (4) Metabolic Neurology Hereditary Neurological Clinical (HNQ239) Disease Section Laboratory of Brain Structural Plasticity Developmental Branch (HNQ223) Neuroepidemiology Section (2) Section Neurochemistry Genetics Section Neurochemical (HNQ236) (3) (6) (2) Methodology Section Enzyme Chemistry Analytical Cell Biology (3) Section Section Molecular and Medical (2) (4) Genetics Section Neuronal Cytoskeletal (5) Protein Regulation Section (3) Molecular Neuroscience Section (6) 97
  • 4. Division of Extramural NIH–NINDS Research 4 of 4 Office of the Director (HNQ7) Scientific Review Grants Management Administrative Services Extramural Research Branch Branch Branch Program (HNQ72) (HNQ73) (HNQ75) (HNQ76) Grants Management Section A (HNQ732) Grants Management Section B (HNQ733) Grants Management Section C (HNQ734) 98

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