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Southeast; North South Supply, Conserve & Protect, and AmeriTurf in Florida; and Central Irrigation
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Press Release--Irrigation Distributors

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release--Irrigation Distributors

  • 1. Page 1 of 2 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: RebeccaMorley,215.568.2525 LEADING IRRIGATION DISTRIBUTORS, CONTRACTORS CHOOSE UgMO PROHOME; SOIL SENSOR SYSTEM SAVES WATER ON RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES Wireless Technology is Simple, Reliable & Revenue-Generating for Landscape, Irrigation Contractors King of Prussia, Pa. (October 5, 2010) – UgMO Technologies announced today that it has begun shipping its new product, UgMO ProHome, to leading irrigation distributors across the U.S. As irrigation contractors search for solutions to manage water supplies, this group of distributors is re-defining the water conservation landscape with UgMO ProHome wireless soil sensor technology. Short for underground monitoring, it works in conjunction with residential and small commercial irrigation systems to regulate watering based on optimum underground moisture levels. “On the home front, 15 million residences across the country utilize irrigation systems, and studies have shown that landscapes are overwatered by anywhere from 30 to 300 percent – in large part because the vast majority of sprinklers are managed by a timer alone,” said Walt Norley, Founder of UgMO Technologies. “UgMO brings new technology to the irrigation process with wireless soil sensors that monitor underground moisture and work with irrigation systems. By knowing when a lawn or landscaped area has sufficient moisture for healthy plant growth, UgMO enables sprinklers to operate at just the right level, saving water and money for users,” he said. While homeowners can anticipate 30 to 50 percent in outdoor water savings, the UgMO technology also means more “green” for landscape and irrigation contractors. UgMO ProHome is a retrofit to millions of existing sprinkler and irrigation systems, with technology that is totally wireless and easily installed. A typical system can be put in place in less than 60 minutes for under $500. A sure-fire sell to homeowners, UgMO also presents other incremental revenue opportunities for contractors. Its smart technology often uncovers irrigation system inefficiencies, such as broken sprinkler heads, that were previously masked by overwatering, bringing with it the chance for certified UgMO installers to service and repair sprinklers and up-sell other enhancements. In Southern California, leading landscape supplier Imperial Sprinkler Supply enlisted UgMO as a tool to optimize irrigation programs in the face of state, city and county water restrictions. “We believe we have a great opportunity in front of us with UgMO ProHome. Our industry has long been waiting for wireless moisture-sensor technology like this,” said Bill Payne, Vice President of Operations for Imperial Sprinkler Supply. “From easy installation to independent zone watering control, UgMO gives the contractor and the end-user a reliable, economical and easily integrated water savings device.” UgMO’s distribution channels cover drought-prone areas across the country. Partners include: Irrigation Station in Texas and Oklahoma; Stovall Irrigation in Georgia; select John Deere Landscape stores in the
  • 2. Page 2 of 2 Southeast; North South Supply, Conserve & Protect, and AmeriTurf in Florida; and Central Irrigation Supply in the Northeast. In addition, many irrigation contractors nationwide have joined the ranks of certified UgMO ProHome installers. They include: Soltis & Company in Southern California; Kristi Enterprises Inc., Kilpatrick, and Treasure Coast Irrigation and Landscape, LLC in Florida; Aquaterra Turf & Irrigation in Texas; and Berghoff Design Group and National Turf, Inc. in Arizona. “More and more firms and contractors are seeking UgMO ProHome training every day so they can become certified installers,” Norley said. How UgMO ProHome Works A cost-effective, wireless water ‘watchdog,’ UgMO’s patent-protected smart sensors are placed underground in each sprinkler zone to measure soil moisture and temperature at the root level (the most important point for the plant) up to six times an hour, 24 hours a day. These sensors wirelessly transmit data in real time on a zone-by-zone basis to an UgMO ProHome base station that’s installed next to a new or existing irrigation clock. Acting as the “brains” of the irrigation system, the base station determines when the grass and/or plantings have reached their optimum moisture level. If the ground is sufficiently moist, UgMO interrupts the sprinkler, turning it off before any water is wasted. “Not only is this an easy install for contractors, but it’s a simple technology for the user, too. Set it and forget it, and watch the water and dollar savings accumulate,” Norley added. UgMO ProHome harnesses the same advanced sensor technology used in the UgMO ProTurf product, which launched in 2009 and today is at work underground at some of the nation’s most prestigious golf courses and sports turf facilities, including Merion Golf Club outside of Philadelphia; Arizona’s Desert Mountain Golf Club; Florida’s Seminole and California’s Cypress Golf Clubs as well as Miami’s Sun Life Stadium (formerly Dolphin Stadium), and Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. The UgMO ProTurf system has saved more than 500 million gallons of water so far. Do you UgMO? UgMO ProHome is available to contractors through irrigation distributors and suppliers now. For more information or to find a distributor near you, call 877-500-UgMO or visit About UgMO Technologies Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pa., UgMO Technologies is a national environmental technology company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative, wireless soil sensor systems and software. This intuitive technology measures soil conditions in the root zone on a real-time basis, optimizing users’ irrigation programs. UgMO ProHome is a cost-effective residential and commercial sensor technology that works in conjunction with residential and small commercial irrigation systems. UgMO ProTurf analyzes soil moisture, temperature and salinity on golf courses and professional sports turf and is at work underground at some of the nation’s most prestigious properties, including Merion Golf Club outside of Philadelphia, Arizona’s Desert Mountain Golf Club and Miami’s Sun Life Stadium (formerly Dolphin Stadium), host of the 2010 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIV. The results are clear: less water used, less stress on supplies of critical natural resources like water and energy, and dramatic cost benefits for users. For more information, visit # # #

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