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Nahari trail

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nahari trail

  • 1. H I N D U STA N T I M E S , N E W D E L H IS AT U R DAY, N O V E M B E R 24 , 2 0 1 2 | 17 do YOUR WEEKEND FIX pickofNAHARI ATTEND theweekTRAILMEATY Delhi’s chilly winters are Identities T he Art Value gallery presents a group exhibition of five artists offering many artworks at affordable prices. Patrons can look forward to getting to see artthe best time to enjoy the hot and fiery pieces done by Prasanta Acharjee, Aparna Banerjee, Polly Kaur andnahari, and the city offers many variants Sajid Premi. Jayanta Khans art- works will also be exhibited at the ■ A painting by Aparna Banerjee Furquan Ameen Siddiqui south Delhi gallery. The aesthetic is ■ furquan.siddiqui@hindustantimes.com essentially Indian and the work 11 am to 7 pm, till November 26, The TEASE YOUR evokes a distinct sense of identity of Art Value, 125-A, 1st Floor, Shahpur A s winter envelops the city, food- each of the artists. Jat. For more details call: 41029323 ies flock to Delhi’s famous nahari joints for the delicacy’s warm sus- TASTEBUDS tenance. Though available year- round, in summers a meal nahari can leave you sweating — not only because KALLU NAHARI Like many other eatery joints, Kallu Nahari is practically a hole-in- HAJI NOORA NAHARIWALE Inspirations D the Delhi variant is made exclusively with rawing from Indian art narra- red meats but also because the curry the-wall kind of shop which survives by serving nahari and roti and Slated as the best nahari out- tives, a few British artists inculcates many fiery spices. If that nothing else. Kallu bhai, the owner, claims that their recipe is more let in the city, Haji Noora have come together for work- weren’t enough, the traditional garnish than a century old and has been perfected by the generations who Nahariwale traces its roots and shops and an exhibition in a blend is finely sliced or chopped green chillies. took up the profession. With no seating set up, one has to either get the recipe to the city of of art and education. The lecture- “Nahari is counted in the list of foods the nahari packed or have it while standing in the narrow alley. Shahjahanabad. With 50 kg of and seminar-based workshop will with a warm constitution. The ideal sea- PRICE: R30 a plate nahari vanishing in about an be conducted by Dr Grant Pooke of son for enjoying it lasts for four months hour, you get a small window University of Kent. In a parallel art starting in November,” says Khalil Ahmad, WHERE: Chhatta Laal Mian, behind Delite Cinema, Asaf Ali Road; exhibition, seven reputed British Tel: 9899201639 to taste the delicious and spicy who runs the Madina Mashhoor Nahari nahari of Haji Noora artists will exhibit artworks in a in the bylanes of Zakir Nagar, a Muslim Nahariwale. Reach early in the group show featuring works of neighbourhood in Jamia Nagar. HAJI SHABRATI JAVED BHAI KI NAHARI morning to relish this special Angus Pryor, Mavernie The dish’s name comes from the the NAHARI SHOP Just as each locality boasts of its platter. Cunningham, and others Arabic word ‘nahaar’, or morning, sig- Located in the bustling neigh- famous nahariwala, Jamia Nagar PRICE: R40 a plate nifying a dish that is had ‘nahar munh’ 10am - 7pm, November 27-30, or with a fresh mouth. bourhood around Jama Masjid, claims its best nahari is served at WHERE: Bada Hindu Rao Road, Visual Arts Gallery, IHC. Nahari is said to have its origins in Haji Shabrati Nahari shop Javed Bhai ki Nahari. With peo- Azad Market, Near Pul For details; call: 43662024 ■ Journeys through Indian senses Shahjahanabad with one legend about serves nahari unlike the usual ple, mostly students from the Bangash Metro Station the dish being invented in the reign of spicy variants available across nearby Jamia Millia University, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, who was to have an important visitor for whom he wanted his khansamas (royal cooks) the city. Soft, tender morsels of meat with a thick gravy (made by mixing roasted gram flour) thronging the outlet right after evening prayers, the nahari — served with tandoori roti — gets AL-NAWAZ Al-Nawaz opened three years Striking the right chord S to create a special dish. Other legends can be had with nalli (marrow), over within hours. You can also ago, a young venture as com- hriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra speak of its invention as a dish that could paya (trotters) or bheja (brain choose from a range of dishes pared to decade- to century-old presents a festival of music be cooked over night in a sealed pot on curry) in the dhaba-like eatery. like nalli nahari, nalli (marrow) and dance offering various nahari outlets in the city. It also embers and had in the morning by work- PRICE: R40 a plate and paya. renditions of traditional Indian ers as sustenance for long work hours. offers an option for people who dances like the Bharatanatyam, WHERE: Haveli Azam Khan, PRICE: R40 a plate dont like to have buff meat. “Primarily, nahari and haleem were Kathak, Chhau and Odissi, and a invented more for sustenance, than for Jama Masjid; WHERE: Zakir Nagar, Jamia Shah Nawaz, a former chef of spectrum of music ranging from flavour,” says restaurateur and celebri- Tel: 9818985786 Nagar, Okhla Le Meridien, has a dedicated Hindustani vocal to tabla and sitar ty chef Marut Sikka. “It’s not a flavour menu of Mughlai cuisine with presented by the Kendras finest that everyone will like. However, you can specialties like mutton nahari, students under the tutelage of emi- see many places-mostly Islamic centres- chicken kalmi kabab and dum nent gurus of the likes of Sonia serving mutton-based nahari, but not in pukht biryani. Roy, Manjeet Singh, Jyotika Dayal restaurants around the city.” PRICE: R140 a plate Paust and Gundecha Brothers. The The fiery yet well-blended dish gets audience can look forward to a day ■ Many dance forms will be on display WHERE: Near Batla House bus its melt-in-your-mouth quality from the immersed in tradition and a pres- slow process of cooking meat with stock stand, Jamia Nagar, Okhla; Tel: entation of the student’s dedication 10.30am-4pm, November 28, Kamani in large vessels called shab deg or 9711794455 to the arts brought forth in the Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, Mandi overnight vessels, sometimes even buried heart of the city. House. For details, call: 43503351 underground. The deg is then left on dum, a term used for the process of sealing the HAJI SAEED NAHARI deg’s lid dough and allowed to cook on a slow coal fire for four to five hours. Mohd Laeeq is a third-genera- WATCH “Though nahari can be made of mut- tion nahari expert who claims ton and chicken, it tastes best when cooked with beef shanks,” says Rafiquddin, famously known as Kallu to have served local ministers and even sent his specially made nahari to Salman Khan. Championing womanhood T bhai of Kallu Nahari of Daryaganj. Saeed Nahari enjoys a good he film festival “Our Lives...To Nahari’s cooking time of around six to reputation in the lanes of Live - No! To Gender Violence eight hours ‘melts’ the beef (buff in Delhi). MADINA MASHHOOR NAHARI Ballimaran which is dotted with is being put up by IAWRT or “Nahari is left for dum for another The owner, Khalil Ahmad, had a shop in Old Delhi before he shifted nahari wallas. Closed for reno- The International Association of three to four hours before it is served to Zakir Nagar five years ago looking at the healthy prospect of busi- vation for now, Laeeq takes Women in Radio and Television in garnished with sliced chillies, ginger and ness in a locality populated by many young Muslims. Ahmad claims orders for special events and collaboration with various non-gov- a bit of rogan (flavourful oil which floats to use a mix of 32 spices, the recipe a well-guarded secret, which parties. It will open again by ernmental organisations, universi- on the surface of the curry),” he adds. makes his nahari a speciality that no one else in the neighbourhood early next year. ties, colleges and cultural institu- One of the most popular variations of can ever hope to match, he claims. tions all over the country. The festi- nahari is made with bone marrow. For a PRICE: R35 a plate val aims to bring together larger, foodie tourist nahari is more than a sim- PRICE: R35 a plate WHERE: Baradari, Ballimaran; common themes of violence ple dish, it is an opportunity to explore a WHERE: Zakir Nagar, Jamia Nagar, Okhla; Tel: 9810093786 Tel: 9953787197 towards women and to understand tradition and an art handed down the women not as a universal category ■ Highlighting the plight of women generations. but also as individuals and commu- nities seen through the lens of class, 10am-7pm, till November 25, caste, age, ability, geographical loca- Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller mustdo! tion and sexuality. Bhavan. For details, call: 23471100 LEARN CINE ART door settings. Sessions will be combined From Russia A Srishti Jha week-long Russian Film ■ srishti.jha@hindustantimes.com with fun activities like midnight screen- Festival is being jointly organ- ings. Members of production houses and ised by the Ministry of A s winters make working in the institutes such as Rakeysh Om Prakash Culture of the Russian Federation, outdoors pleasurable, aspiring Mehra Productions, Cartoon Network, the Embassy of the Russian filmmakers can look forward to FTII Pune, Discovery Travel & Living, Federation in India and the Russian an extensive filmmaking work- Sony Entertainment, and Wide Frame Centre of Science and Culture. shop across Delhi and Jim Corbett Pictures will be mentoring the aspirants. Seven films from the past two ■ A still from White Tiger National Park. Cinema Calling, a film- To provide a stable base for all amateurs ■ The Jim Corbett National Park allows for many interesting settings to shoot in years are being screened. Among making workshop conducted by Mark 5 and enthusiasts, says Vikram Khattar, those being featured are the Oscar- in this case the death of the son of a Films has a lot to offer as it is designed the creative director of Mark 5 Films, CINEMA CALLING nominated war sci-fi film White conductor, films protagonist. for all age groups. “we aim at establishing a name synony- Tiger by Karen Shakhnazarov Batch starts on: November 27 Shooting Location: Jim Corbett During the two month-long workshop, mous to ‘filmmon ka playschool’ which Duration: Two months National Park while another acclaimed film is The 6pm, till November 25, Russian Centre participants will be living, working and allows everyone to have easy access to Venue: 37, Hauz Khas Village Call: 09971988936 Conductor where director Pavel for Science & Culture, 24, Ferozeshah shooting in the wilderness in various out- the world of filmmaking”. Lungin explores extreme emotions, Road. For details, call: 23329102 alsoplaying LET’S HAVE A LITTLE FUN FLUIDIC EXPRESSIONS OF SOLIDS FOR THE LOVE OF READING Promising entertainment and THE DIVINE FLAUTIST The Play of Life is a solo exhibition by Ankit Patel, a dynamic sculptor The 5th edition of Bookaroo humours, Spoofhmania is a festival Sanjay Bhattacharyya’s solo who makes solid matter into curva- Children’s Literature Festival celebrating spoofs and parodies exhibition on 17 canvasses,10 ceous movement. The curves seek brings together storytellers such photographs and two sculp- to suggest that solids are liquids. as Ruskin Bond, Jerry Pinto, Ranjit 10.30am-9pm, till November 25, Various ven- His forms create human rhythms of Lal, Paro Anand, Marcia Williams, ues. Check with organisers at 9810213633 tures revolves around Krishna bodies which are elastic and sug- Penny Dolan and Frane Lessac. the flautist as its central gest elasticity of the human body theme. where flesh is breathing. His kinet- 11 am - 5 pm, November 24-25, Sanskriti 11 am-7 pm, till December ic creations which exude form in Kendra, MG Road. Call 26863631 19, Religare Art Gallery, every movement can only be Saket. revealed by his skill and presenta- Call 39126922 tion. Though Patel has worked with various mediums, bronze has been a favourite and that shows in this expression of his art. 11am-7pm, from November 27, Chawla Art Gallery, Square One Mall. Call: 29561819 Printed and distributed by NewspaperDirect www.newspaperdirect.com US/Can: 1.877.980.4040 Intern.: 800.6364.6364 • ORIGINAL COPY • ORIGINAL COPY • ORIGINAL COPY • ORIGINAL COPY • ORIGINAL COPY • ORIGINAL COPY • ORIGINAL COPY • ORIGINAL COPY • ORIGINAL COPY • ORIGINAL COPY • COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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