Some Suppliers are Cheating their customers for CD and DVD Printing Dischromatics Limited who are accredited to Quality St...
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Press release for cd duplication 190710

Get your CD and DVD Duplication from Dischromatics and avoid any quality problems
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Some Suppliers are Cheating their customers for CD and DVD Printing Dischromatics Limited who are accredited to Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008, Reveals some Printing malpractices that are taking place in the UKMany companies who provide CD & DVD Duplication and Printing are now effectively ‘CHEATING’ theircustomers! They are unfortunately only completing part of the printing process with regards to the ink-jetprinting process.When ink-jet printing is applied to standard CD’s or DVD’s whereby ink is sprayed directly onto the discsurface, it is essential that afterwards, the printed disc is coated with a protective UV curable lacquer, or it isliable to be unstable from moisture deposits, scratching or smudging.It is almost impossible to complete this process manually and therefore a bespoke Lacquer Coating machine isessential. This additional application naturally increases the unit cost considerably due not only to thespecialised machine and cost of coating materials but also the extra labour input required.Because of the ‘extra’ costs incurred by the lacquer coating being properly and professionally applied in acontrolled environment, with Health & Safety rules in place to safeguard the operator due to the fumesinvolved, some companies are ignoring their responsibility by completely eliminating the lacqueringapplication, which in some ways is the most important part of the printing processes. Their customers willreceive a sub-standard product which is not fit for purpose.A simple test to prove or disprove whether a company is complying with the proper methods, is simply toeither run your finger nail over the surface which will easily remove the ink or use a damp finger to rub theprinted surface which will smudge without effort.The reason companies are doing this of course is to remain competitive and increase margins. Clearly they arein strong competition with other companies for the same business. However, most customers or end users arenot aware of the differences available on the market and therefore place their business with companies who saythey can do the work cheaper and at the same quality as any other company which of course is totally down to‘shady’ practices.One such company that provides top quality products and is able to print using the ink-jet process isDischromatics Limited a long established company in the media duplication and printing business. They wereestablished in 1989 and have a long and successful track record in CD, DVD & Blu-ray Replication as well asCD & DVD Duplication.Dischromatics do not use standard ink-jet discs, they use specially pre-coated CD’s & DVD’s from TaiyoYuden which are waterproof so that after completion of the printing the ink reacts with the coating sealing theprint to a finish which prevents scratching and smudging and any damage from moisture. Taiyo Yuden is theleader in the field of this type of technology.The added benefit of using these discs is the total elimination of the lacquering stage which further eliminatesthe necessity to extract dangerous fumes or exposure to staff as there arent any using Waterproof orWatershield discs as they are called.This falls perfectly into line with Dischromatics Environmental Management Standard practices as they arealso ISO 14001:2004 accredited.For further information, please call 01495 243222 or e-mail: or go to:

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