Dischromatics Sponsors Media Academy Wales’ Welcome Event at Cineworld Cardiff BAFTA Cymru with Media Academy Wales, the...
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Press release for dischromatics sponsors of smaw welcome event

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release for dischromatics sponsors of smaw welcome event

  • 1. Dischromatics Sponsors Media Academy Wales’ Welcome Event at Cineworld Cardiff BAFTA Cymru with Media Academy Wales, the Industry Panel & the Directors ofSeparado, Dylan Goch and Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals were at the Dischromatics Sponsored Student Welcome Event of the year in Cardiff.A special screening of the new feature documentary Separado took place at Cineworld Cinema in Cardiff aspart of the Media Academy Wales Welcome Event for representative students from Media Academy’s twentysix courses for an evening of inspiration and networking.The film Separado, which was co-directed by Dylan Goch and Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals fame, isabout Gryff’s quest to travel to Patagonia to find his ‘long lost’ uncle, the poncho wearing Rene Griffiths. Thefilm has been described in various ways from ‘Star Trek meets Buena Vista’, a ‘Psychedelic Folktale’ to a‘Postmodern Pseudo Documentary’. In 1974 Rene came to Wales becoming an overnight sensation with hisWelsh love songs accompanied by South American Flamenco, something unheard of at that time.Separado tells the story of Gryff’s ancestral family who were torn apart after a horse race in 1880 which led tothe unexplained death of a family member of Gryff’s ancestors. Following this incident a part of the familymoved to Patagonia in South America where they settled and made their home. There was already a Welshsettlement in Patagonia at a place known as Bahia Blanca. The Argentine Government had agreed to theoriginal settlement which was first occupied by 200 Welsh immigrants in 1865. At the time it suited theArgentinean Government, who were in dispute with the Chilean Government over the land and so this Welshsettlement put them in control of a large tract of land.In the film, Rhys travels to Patagonia via Brazil and Southern Argentina as part of his ‘solo’ South AmericanTour. However, this is not a typical tour and the documentary is not a typical road movie. Naturally, bearing inmind the family connections to Patagonia and Rene Griffiths there is a certain amount of self-indulgence butthis adds interest to the film rather than detract from it. Rhys, although no stranger to experimental music stillencountered some new musical experiences along the way.The evening in Cardiff started with a session of advice and anecdotes from the Industry Panel which consists ofDirectors, Producers, Designers, Actors, Business Development Managers, Screenwriters, Animators, SoundEngineers and Writers. This was chaired by director and acting coach, Stephen Bailey, with VFX artist JonRennie, production designer Venita Gribble, producer Richard Staniforth, interactive media specialist HuwOwen, scriptwriter Sam Snape and film & TV composer John Rea.This was followed by a networking drinks reception which included other students and members of the IndustryPanel and BAFTA Cymru along with the sponsors, Dischromatics whose representatives were on handthroughout the event to answer questions on the Authoring and Mastering, Graphic Design and DVD and Blu-ray Replication as well as CD & DVD Duplication for shorter runs. Students received a free printed DVDR inDigipaks which can be personalised and used for future course work along with a discount voucher.After the screening of Separado, there followed a question and answer session with directors Gruff Rhys andDylan Goch chaired by Tim Morley, sales and distribution specialist. There was also an opportunity to meetindustry representatives and BAFTA Cymru.BAFTA Cymru is of course a branch of BAFTA and was formed over twenty years ago. It was established inresponse to a desire by the Academy to guarantee that the values and reach of BAFTA and its operationsextended to creative communities throughout the United Kingdom. A common set of standards and valuesoperates across the Academy.Dischromatics was established in 1989 and has been in the digital media business for many years. They havebeen operating within the media industry during this time building an enviable reputation for excellence andcustomer satisfaction. Accredited to Quality standard ISO 9001:2004 and Environment standard 14001:2004.Please call 01495 243222 for further information.

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