Replacement Mains Chargers B...
Replacement Batteries Box Qty Trade Price
BATTERY203 Motorola T2288 ...
In Car Chargers Box Qty Trade Price
ICC002 Motorola V66 ...
Tuff Cases Box Qty Trade Price
TUFF004 NDSi & NDS Lite (Pink) New 50pcs £1....
ipod Accessories Box Qty Trade Price
IPACC012 Apple ipho...
Before you can order you need to complete a new customer credit card account registration form and return it back to
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - PRICE LIST FEBRUARY 2010.doc

  • 1. JS Enterprises PRICE LIST FEBRUARY 2010 Replacement Mains Chargers Box Qty Trade Price MC008 Mains Charger For Motorola 100pcs £1.00 Fits: T191/C115/W220 MC012 Mains Charger For Sharp Fits: GX10/GX20 MC026 Mains Charger For Samsung Fits: E530/E630 MC041 Mains Charger For VK Fits: 2000 MC042 Mains Charger For Alcatel Fits: OT-E220 MC003 Mains Charger For Nokia 100pcs £1.50 Fits: 3310/6230 MC024 Mains Charger For Sony Ericsson Fits: K750/W800/W880/W890i/S500i/W910i MC027 Mains Charger For Nokia Fits: N Series/6101/6280/7360/7370/7500 Prism/E61/N82/N95/2760 MC035 Mains Charger For Samsung Fits: D800/D820/E900/D830/D900/X820 MC037 Mains Charger For LG Fits: Chocolate/Shine/Prada/Viewty MC038 Mains Charger For Sagem Fits: MYC-2/MY401 MC040 Mains Charger For Sony Fits: PSP/Tom Tom MC044 Mains Charger For Apple Fits: ipod/itouch/iphone 2G MC045 Mains Charger For Nokia Fits: 8600 Luna/6500 Classic/7900 Prism/Mot. RAZR2 V8 MC046 Mains Charger For Samsung Fits: G600/G800/U900 Soul MC052 Mains Charger For HTC Fits: Touch/Diamond/Cruise/Pro/TyTN/TyTNII MC053 Mains Charger For Blackberry & Motorola Fits: 8110 Pearl/8120l/8310/9000/V3 MC054 Mains Charger For Samsung Fits: i8510/Tocco Ultra Edition MC059 Mains Charger With Micro USB Lead Arriving Soon MC060 Mains Charger With Mini USB Lead Arriving Soon MC056 Mains to USB Adaptor ipod New 100pcs £1.65 MC049 Mains Charger For NDS 100pcs £1.75 Fits: DS Lite MC055 Mains Charger For Apple New Fits: iphone 3G MC057 Mains Charger For NDSi New 100pcs £1.95 Fits: NDSi MC061 Mains Charger For Apple Arriving Soon Fits: iphone 3G (White) MC051 Mains Charger For Asus Eee 100pcs £4.95 Fits: PC700/PC701
  • 2. Replacement Batteries Box Qty Trade Price BATTERY203 Motorola T2288 N/A £1.50 BATTERY304 Samsung V200 BATTERY306 Samsung E800 BATTERY307 Samsung D500 (Black) BATTERY310 Samsung D500 (Silver) BATTERY312 Samsung E720 (Black) BATTERY314 Samsung E350 BATTERY315 Samsung D800 BATTERY101 Nokia 3310/3410/3510 100pcs £1.75 BATTERY103 Nokia 7210/6610/2100/3200 BATTERY107 Nokia 6100/6820/6300/3500/5100 BATTERY111 Nokia 7610/6230/3650 BATTERY112 Nokia 3220/5140/7260/N80 BATTERY113 Nokia 6111/7370/2630/7373/7500 BATTERY114 Nokia 6280/3250/6233/N73/N93 BATTERY116 Nokia N95/E65/N96 BATTERY119 Nokia 6500 Classic/7900 Prism BATTERY120 Nokia 6500 Slide/8600 Luna/6220 Classic BATTERY121 Nokia N95 8Gb/N78 BATTERY212 Motorola L6/L7/KRZR K1/W220 BATTERY305 Samsung E770 (Silver) BATTERY311 Samsung E330 BATTERY115 Nokia 8800 100pcs £1.75 BATTERY122 Nokia E61/N81/N82 New BATTERY123 Nokia N85 New BATTERY124 Nokia 5800x New BATTERY125 Nokia 5310/6600 Fold New BATTERY206 Motorola E365 BATTERY210 Motorola V3 BATTERY316 Samsung D900 BATTERY317 Samsung E900 BATTERY318 Samsung U600/U100/X820 BATTERY319 Samsung G600 BATTERY403 Sony Ericsson T610 BATTERY405 Sony Ericsson K500/K700/K300/T230 BATTERY406 Sony Ericsson K750/W550i/W810i/W800/K610 BATTERY407 Sony Ericsson P900/P910 BATTERY408 Sony Ericsson K800/P990/W880/K550/W850/K810 BATTERY409 Sony Ericsson K510/J100/W200/T280 BATTERY410 Sony Ericsson K850/C902/W580 BATTERY411 Sony Ericsson W910 New BATTERY911 Siemens SL55 BATTERY914 LG U880 (Black) BATTERY917 LG KG800 Chocolate (Pink) BATTERY919 LG KU990 Viewty
  • 3. In Car Chargers Box Qty Trade Price ICC002 Motorola V66 100pcs £0.50 ICC003 Samsung V200/D500 ICC004 Sony Ericsson T68/T610 ICC006 LG 8110 ICC008 Sendo S330 ICC010 Siemens A55/A60 ICC011 Motorola V220 ICC012 NEC 616/Sharp GX30 ICC014 Samsung E720 ICC015 Samsung E530 ICC018 Lobster 485 ICC020 BenQ-Siemens S88 ICC001 Nokia 3310 100pcs £0.85 ICC013 Sony Ericsson K750/W810/W880/W950 ICC016 Nokia 6101 ICC017 SPV C500 ICC019 Samsung D800/E900/U700 ICC021 LG Chocolate/Prada/Shine/Viewty ICC023 Nokia 8600 Luna/6500 Classic ICC025 Sagem MY-C Series ICC026 Sony PSP/Tom Tom ICC027 Samsung G600/G800/U900 Soul ICC030 Sagem MY-411c ICC032 HTC Touch/Diamond/Cruise/Pro/TyTN/TyTN II ICC033 Car to USB ICC034 Blackberry 8110 Pearl/8120/8310/9000/Mot.V3 ICC024 Apple ipod/itouch/iphone 100pcs £0.95 ICC042 Samsung i8510/Tocco Ultra Edition ICC031 NDS Lite 100pcs £1.15 ICC045 Apple iphone 3G (Black) Arriving Soon ICC043 Apple iphone 3G 100pcs £1.25 ICC044 NDSi Audio Adaptors Box Qty Trade Price AA004 Samsung D900 100pcs £0.75 AA006 Samsung G600 AA007 Nokia N95 Stereo Headsets Box Qty Trade Price SHS001 Motorola 2.5mm DC Jack 100pcs £1.25 SHS002 Nokia 6230/7250 SHS003 Sony Ericsson T610 SHS004 Samsung D500 SHS005 Apple ipod SHS006 Sony Ericsson K750/W880 SHS008 LG U880 SHS010 Samsung D900 SHS011 Nokia N95 SHS012 Samsung G600 SHS013 DS Lite SHS016 Nokia 6300 SHS014 Apple iphone/iphone 3G 100pcs £1.65 SHS015 Motorola V8
  • 4. Tuff Cases Box Qty Trade Price TUFF004 NDSi & NDS Lite (Pink) New 50pcs £1.75 TUFF005 NDSi & NDS Lite (Black) New TUFF006 NDSi & NDS Lite (White) New Posh Pouches Box Qty Trade Price PP001 Universal Small 100pcs £1.95 PP002 Universal Medium PP003 Universal Large PP004 Nokia N95 8Gb New PP005 Nokia 6300 PP006 BlackBerry 8100 Pearl PP007 Apple iphone 3G New PP008 Sony Ericsson K850 PP009 Nokia 6500 Classic PP010 Nokia N82 PP011 LG Viewty PP012 Sony Ericsson W960i PP014 Sony Ericsson C902 New PP015 Nokia N96 New Horizontal Pouches Box Qty Trade Price UNIP001 Small PU Leather 100pcs £0.85 UNIP002 Medium PU Leather UNIP003 Large PU Leather Silicon Cases Box Qty Trade Price SIL010 Apple ipod Classic 80GB (Black) 100pcs £0.85 SIL011 Apple ipod Classic 80GB (White) SIL012 Apple ipod Classic 160GB (Black) SIL013 Apple ipod Classic 160GB (White) SIL023 Nokia N95 (White) SIL027 Nokia N95 8GB (White) SIL001 Apple ipod Nano 3G (White) 100pcs £0.85 SIL002 Apple ipod Nano 3G (Pink) SIL003 Apple ipod Nano 3G (Black) SIL004 Apple itouch (White) SIL005 Apple itouch (Pink) SIL006 Apple itouch (Black) SIL007 Apple iphone (White) SIL008 Apple iphone (Pink) SIL009 Apple iphone (Black) SIL014 Nokia 3110 (Black) SIL015 Nokia 3110 (White) SIL016 Nokia 3500 Classic (Black) SIL017 Nokia 3500 Classic (White) SIL019 Nokia 6500 Classic (White) SIL020 Nokia 5310 (Black) SIL021 Nokia 5310 (White) SIL024 Nokia N82 (Black) SIL025 Nokia N82 (White) SIL028 Sony Ericsson K850 (Black) SIL029 Sony Ericsson K850 (White) SIL030 Sony Ericsson W890 (Black) SIL031 Sony Ericsson W890 (White) SIL032 Sony Ericsson W960 (Black)
  • 5. ipod Accessories Box Qty Trade Price IPACC012 Apple iphone Std Case (Black) 100pcs £1.00 IPACC013 Apple iphone Std Case (Navy Blue) IPACC014 Apple iphone Std Case (Pink) Sim Packs Box Qty Trade Price SIM001 Vodafone (Official dealer pack) 100pcs £0.35 SIM002 Orange (Official dealer pack) 200pcs £0.25 SIM003 T Mobile (Official dealer pack) 200pcs £0.25 SIM004 Virgin (Official dealer pack) 100pcs £0.25 SIM005 O2 (Official dealer pack) 100pcs £0.25 SIM010 3 (Official dealer pack) 100pcs £0.30 * We can supply most sim’s to our regular customers free of charge. Please remember to ask when you place your order. Please note quantity supplied is at the sole discretion of JS Enterprises Ltd. Fonestraps (20mm/Round Button Clip) Box Qty Trade Price FSTRAP101 Beer Monster (Dark Blue) 50pcs £0.45 FSTRAP124 Plain Pink FSTRAP128 England Red FSTRAP129 England White FSTRAP130 England Blue FSTRAP122 England Mixed Box (60pcs) 60pcs £21.00 In Car Holders Box Qty Trade Price HOLDER006 Universal Windscreen Holder (Photo) 60pcs £1.50 Phone Cartons Box Qty Trade Price CARTON003 Phone Carton & Pulp Insert (Flying Dog) 100pcs £0.85 CARTON004 Phone Carton & Pulp Insert (Polar Bear) England Novelty Items Box Qty Trade Price FLAG001 England Car Flag – Type A (Plain) 200pcs £0.35 FLAG002 England Car Flag – Type B (England) 200pcs £0.35 BANG001 England Bang Bang Sticks (2 per pack) 100pcs £0.39 HOLDER005 England Deckchair Holder 100pcs £0.75 ELT001 England Flashing T-Shirt (Large) 10pcs £6.00 ELT002 England Flashing T-Shirt (X-Large) 10pcs £6.00 ELT003 England Flashing T-Shirt (XX-Large) 10pcs £6.00 FSTRAP122 England Fonestraps Mixed Box (60pcs) 60pcs £21.00 SWB001 England Silicon Wristband (Box of 50pcs) 50pcs £22.50 PFD001 England Phone Dangler/Flasher - Flag (Box of 50pcs) 50pcs £22.50 PDF002 England Phone Dangler - Kit (Box of 50pcs) 50pcs £22.50 Disney Licensed Products Box Qty Trade Price DISNEY001 Eeyore Blue Phone Pouch New 6pcs £8.10 DISNEY002 Eeyore Plain Blue Phone Sock New 10pcs £9.50 DISNEY003 Eeyore Blue Spot Phone Sock New 10pcs £9.50 Novelty Items Box Qty Trade Price CABLEG180 Universal Carrying Case ‘ Golla’ N/A £1.50 FP04 Universal Carrying Case ‘Nokia’ N/A £1.85 ‘Weenicons’ Gift Packs Box Qty Trade Price GPMRT Mr T Gift Pack N/A £1.75 GPABBA ABBA Gift Pack GPELVIS Elvis Gift Pack GPFOOLS Fools Gift Pack How To Order
  • 6. Before you can order you need to complete a new customer credit card account registration form and return it back to us either by email/fax or post. Once we have received the form back we can then set you up on our system to enable you to order. You can order by either contacting our sales office on 01865 400 444, fax your order over to our sales office on 01233 740 044 or email us your order to: - enquiries@js-enterprise.co.uk. Delivery Delivery will be made the next working day for orders placed before 2pm, orders placed after 2pm will be despatched the next working day. Delivery Charges Orders will be despatched on a next-day delivery courier service (mainland UK only) £6.50 + VAT Premium deliveries (Before 10am/Before Noon/Saturday) are available at an extra cost. Payment Payment will need to be made by credit card. We accept the following:- All orders are accepted subject to JS Enterprises Limited standard trading terms and conditions of sale E + OE. Copies available on request. If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01865 400 444 Visit www.accessorystock.co.uk for further information on our fantastic range of mobile phone accessories

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