Why do American consumers want you to sell Pompeian? A. Classic. Since 1906, Pompeian ...
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Pompeian Trade Ad

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pompeian Trade Ad

  • 1. Why do American consumers want you to sell Pompeian? A. Classic. Since 1906, Pompeian has been bringing great tasting, heart-healthy, olive oil from the Mediterrean to the American table. B. Quality. Pompeian olive oil proudly bears the NAOOA seal of quality. C. Look. In redesigning the Pompeian labels our goal was to build our brand and your sales. D. All of the above. A beautiful new look. Dynamic PR program. Our great new look has won regional and Pompeian has retained a Registered national graphic design awards! We also Nutritionist as a consultant to give us health redesigned our bottles for Pompeian olive oils and diet insights for Pompeian news and OlivExtra products. Our unique, new, releases and blog postings. lightweight, PET plastic bottles feature sure-grip sides for easy lifting and pouring. Preferred by consumers and retailers, PET is safe and 100% recyclable. We’re not resting on our laurels. Pompeian’s prize-winning packaging is just the beginning. We’re backing it with an aggressive marketing campaign to bring you new customers and build your sales. Major advertising thrust. Pompeian is taking its taste, health and cooking versatility message to major epicurean publications and online. Our strategically targeted advertising also includes $1-Off online coupons plus banner ads on eatingwell.com and foodnetwork.com.Katherine de Mille More website recipes.Pompeian’s first celebrity sponsor We keep adding fabulous-tasting recipes to Pompeian’s website to drive consumer purchases of olive oils, vinegars and cooking wines. And we are constantly updating the site with the latest health news pertaining to Pompeian products. The leader in aggressive support. To take advantage of our award-winning looks and sales-winning promotions, contact Bob Eckhoff, VP Sales, via email:www.pompeian.com VPsales@pompeian.com.

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