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Natural Flavor Ingredient Specialties

Natural Flavor Specialty ingredients are FEMA GRAS as well meet EC 1338/2008 standards. These ingredients find application in niche Flavor creation
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Natural Flavor Ingredient Specialties

  • 1. NATURAL FLAVOR SPECIALTIES PN Name FEMA CAS Description131306 Acetic Acid Nat. 2006 64-19-7 pungent, sour, overripe fruit104557 Alcohol C 6 Nat. 2567 111-27-3 green, sweet, leaf, apple-like638566 Buchu Leaves Distillate Kosher Flavoring Preparation sulphurous, buchu, herbal164184 Capric Acid Nat. 2364 334-48-5 soapy, waxy, fruity182737 Caproic Acid Nat. 2559 142-62-1 cheesy, fruity, phenolic, fatty103202 Caprylic Acid Nat. 2799 124-07-2 soapy, cheesy, fatty, brandy-like aftertaste600334 Caryophyllen Oxide nat. 4085 1139-30-6 dry, woody, cedarwood, carrot600180 Cinnamic Aldehyde Nat. 2286 104-55-2 balsamic, typical cinnamon, sweet600239 Decalactone Gamma Nat. 2360 706-14-9 creamy-fruity, peach-like at low concentrations103259 Dimethyl Sulfide Nat. 2746 75-18-3 overripe, asparagus-, vegetable-like131341 Ethyl Acetate Nat. 2414 141-78-6 sweet, estery, fruity, rum-like600265 Ethyl Decadienoate Tr. Cis-2,4 Nat. 3148 3025-30-7 juicy, ripe pear, sweet, very fruity600229 Ethyl Methyl Butyrate-2 Nat. 2443 7452-79-1 estery, very fruity, apple-, strawberry-like130301 Eucalyptol Nat. 2465 470-82-6 eucalyptus, minty, fresh, cooling600218 Hexyl Acetate Nat. 2565 142-92-7 sweet, fruity, estery, similar to pear103493 Isoamyl Acetate Nat. 2055 123-92-2 sweet, estery, fruity, banana-, pear-like600236 Isobutyl Acetate Nat. 2175 110-19-0 sweet, estery, fruity, banana-like600031 Limettol Nat. Flavoring Preparation fresh, lime, citrus, very clean, slightly fruity600237 Methyl Butyl Acetate-2 Nat. 3644 624-41-9 banana, fruity, estery, ripe, juicy fruit note600224 Methylbutyric Acid-2 Nat. 2695 116-53-0 acidic, becoming fruity at conc. < 10 ppm600024 Pentenone-1,3 Nat. 1% in Alc. 3382 1629-58-9 strong booster of natural fresh juice note832086 Pentenone-1,3 Nat. 1% in Tr. 3382 1629-58-9 strong booster of natural fresh juice note600106 Piperitone Ex Eucalyptus 4200 4573-50-6 minty, spearmint, peppermint, herbal239467 Symcool® Nat. 3748 59259-38-0 fresh, mild cooling, sweet menthol, longlasting600105 Terpinenol-4 Nat. 2248 562-74-3 earthy, musty, terpenic, lime, thyme173630 Triisobutyl Dihydrodithiazine Nat. 15% 4017 74595-94-1 burnt, roasted, crispy bacon183178 Vanillin Nat. Proc. / Symvanil 3107 121-33-5 intensive sweet and very tenacious creamy vanilla600290 Vinylguaiacol Nat. 10% in Tr. 2675 7786-61-0 sweet, spicy, clove-like, smoked, phenolicEdition: February 2012 Symrise, always inspiring more…

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