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Solid Ventures is a venture capital fund aimed at investing in young, innovative Dutch IT
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Press Release Immidio Solid Ventures 20100211 V1

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. **************************************** PRESS RELEASE ***************************************** IMMIDIO CONTINUES AS INDEPENDENT SOFTWARE VENDOR State-of-the-art solutions for management of application delivery and virtualization Amsterdam, 11 February 2010 – Immidio announces that it has acquired funding from new investors for its ambitious plans. In October 2008, Immidio was founded as part of the Login Consultants group of companies. Starting today, Immidio continues as independent software vendor. Immidio has acquired its funding from two private investors and Solid Ventures, a Dutch venture capital fund. The independence and the new funds enable Immidio to take full advantage of its potential in becoming a leading global vendor of smart point solutions. The new funds will accelerate product development and building the channel sales organization. During the first year Immidio mainly focused on the development of its first two point solutions: Immidio Flex Profiles and Immidio AppScriber. Immediately after the release of Immidio Flex Profiles last August, Immidio started to establish an international channel sales program that resulted in signing up distributors and partners in many countries around the world. In Q4/2009 the sales already hit a record of well over 100.000 licenses sold. With its second product – Immidio AppScriber – released in January, Immidio is on track for exceeding its Q1/2010 targets as well. Immidio’s CEO Rob Huisman says “Over the past period we have seen that our strategy of delivering point solutions at low prices is widely appreciated. With the change of ownership and the new investments we are ready to realize our ambitious growth plans. We are excited to have Solid Ventures on board as a shareholder – they are the pragmatic partner that Immidio needs to help further grow the company.” “We are impressed by Immidio’s management team leveraging its expertise in the virtualization and workspace management industry. Immidio builds point solutions at commodity prices that are easy to implement and offer fast returns on investment. The company’s ability to deliver best-in-class products is demonstrated by its traction with Fortune 500 customers and global partners like Microsoft.”, said Floris van Alkemade, Managing Partner at Solid Ventures. About Immidio Immidio provides point solutions to help organizations solve challenges encountered with virtualization technologies in Microsoft Windows environments. The benefits of using Immidio products include increased IT productivity and a significant reduction of costs. The spectrum of supported virtualization technologies includes presentation virtualization, application virtualization, desktop virtualization, user workspace virtualization and server virtualization. Founded in 2008 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Immidio develops products in close relationship with its customers, affiliated virtualization experts and the international virtualization community organized in the Microsoft MVP and Citrix CTP programs. More than 10.000 IT professionals have implemented Immidio products and established them in their organizations. Immidio solutions are exclusively delivered through the Immidio website, with an international network of technology peers and partners.
  • 2. About Solid Ventures Solid Ventures is a venture capital fund aimed at investing in young, innovative Dutch IT organizations. Solid Ventures has received funding from the TechnoPartner seed facility, initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Shareholders in Solid Ventures are the management, represented by Floris van Alkemade, Herman DeLatte and Robert Wilhelm, together with a group of private investors who all have a successful track record as entrepreneur or investor in the IT and media industry. Solid Ventures combines more than 200 years of entrepreneurial and venture capital experience in just one team. Solid Ventures actively support its companies with topics like lead generation, strategic partnerships, recruitment and international expansion. ************************************************************************************************** Note to the editor: This press release was sent by Immidio B.V. (www.immidio.com) For more information regarding the contents of this message, please contact Rob Huisman via +31 20 3420282 or mail to r.huisman@immidio.com, or contact Floris van Alkemade at +31 20 7993940 or mail to fvanalkemade@solidventures.nl.

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