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Press Release Will&Co Dutch Packaging Award De Gouden Noot Histor Paintcan Oct2010

Histor won the Dutch packaging award with their innovative lacquer packaging. Will & Co assisted PPG with the materialselection
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
Source: www.slideshare.net

Transcripts - Press Release Will&Co Dutch Packaging Award De Gouden Noot Histor Paintcan Oct2010

  • 1. • Dellaertlaan 24 • P.O.Box 46 • 1170 AA Badhoevedorp • The Netherlands • phone +31 (0)20 65 97 501 • fax +31 (0)20 65 97 392 • www.will-co.nl • info@will-co.nl Fortis Bank Nederland N.V. Haarlem rek. nr. IBAN No. NL43FTSB0243454740 • BIC Code FTSBNL2R • BTW nr. NL001454511B01 BTW nr. BE0455610186. Op al onze transacties zijn onze Algemene Verkoopvoorwaarden van toepassing zoals gedeponeerd bij de K.v.K. te Amsterdam onder nummer 34061879. • chemicals • coatings & colorants • food technology • pharmaceuticals & personal care • plastics & additives • water treatment Histor Paintcan wins Dutch Packagaing Award De Gouden Noot 2010 The Netherlands Packaging Award De Gouden Noot 2010 has been won by PPG Coatings Nederland B.V. with the Histor Paintcan, a revolutionary packaging for 'do it yourself' (DIY) paints. This was announced by the president of the jury, prof.dr. Onno Omta, on Tuesday evening October 5th during the 8th Dutch National Packaging Innovation Dinner in Utrecht. He spoke on behalf of the jury, consisting of twenty experts. The jury spent three full days, divided into two jury rounds, to choose the winner. The Histor Paintcan is a revolutionary innovative square paint can made of plastic. This not only saves (logistic) costs, but also the environment. With its square, slightly conical shape it is easy to recognise in the shop. But the core of the innovation is the improved usability for the painter. The Histor Paintcan has a number of advantages when compared to the conventional paint can. It is light, easy to hold and easy to open and close by hand. At the same time, the sealing of the packaging during transportation and in the shop remains as strong as ever. Histor launched a highly intensive search for materials to meet its requirements and ultimately decided upon an engineering plastic, based on modified PET. The way in which the brand’s identity is presented has also been notably improved, based on the Histor brand values: authenticity, self assurance, a passion for paint, and, above all, inventiveness and ingenuity. The result is a totally revitalised shop landscape. From the early start of this development, raw material supplier Will & Co (Badhoevedorp) has been involved with the development of the thermoplastic resin and the feasibility of the design. Will & Co has used its knowledge for the material selection and modification as well as the production feasibility and realisation. Also they supplied the “custom made” thermoplastic resin as well as the specific masterbatches. The “Zilveren Noot” The Zilveren Noot went to SCA Packaging for the Christina J. Christina J is a retail ready display box that gives a very good in store product presentation and is produced on a fully automated machine. Good stackability is achieved by means of stacking ridges, which have a function both when the packaging is open and when pallets are being loaded. The patented triangular structure is crucial. The “Bronzen Noot” The Bronzen Noot went to the BioFoam® crates of Synprodo B.V. BioFoam® is the first 100% compostable expanded polystyrene (EPS) with properties that are comparable to the properties of conventional EPS. It can be used to produce biodegradable packages. For additional information, please contact: Will & Co B.V. Epco Blessing Dellaertlaan 24 1171 HG Badhoevedorp Phone +31 20 659 75 01 E-mail: epco.blessing@will-co.nl

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