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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. News and Support No 1 — June 2010 “Working with Difference” - Making a DifferenceA NEW CIRCULATION “Working with Difference” The Equality Edge signature project of “WwD” was designed to ensureThis e-newssheet will be circulated periodically offering legislative compliance, whilst also creating anrelevant information and news about equality and opportunity for positive organisational, community anddiversity best practice. It will introduce Equality Edge commercial benefit. It recognises that the people withinservice updates and information about new products a company or organisation are the most valuable asset;and make available special offers. looking after employees, customers and colleagues isIn order to be fully relevant to employers and an essential requirement of equality best practice.managers, each issue will offer some top tips to help WwD, delivered through interactive workshops or asdeal with inequality and discrimination issues at work. coaching, is an effective management tool and has had some profound and sometimes startling outcomes.EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL CAN BE COSTLY Repairing dysfunctional managerial relationships,Recent figures have shown that in 2008/09 over 150,000 conflict management and resolution are recent additionsindividuals brought cases to the ET for unfair dismissal andclaims citing discrimination. This table reveals the maximum to the WwD stable of employment support services.awards to individuals against each type of claim. The totalcost to employers in Workplace Bullying—A Modern Phenomenonthe UK was over Number of Claimants 151,028 Michael Lassman delivered a Poster Presentation to the£50m. Claim for: Highest Award International Association on Workplace Bullying andClearly, in today’s Unfair dismissal £84,005 Harassment (IAWBH) biennial conference in Cardiff. Thiseconomic climate, Race Discrimination £1,353,432 prestigious three day event offered intense learning and anthis is something Sex Discrimination £113,106 excellent opportunity to meet people from thirty countriesthat cannot be af- Disability Discrimination £388,612 involved in academic research and delivering interventionsforded and there-fore demands of Religious Discrimination £24,876 into bullying at work .employers greater Age Discrimination £90,031 The exposure of “Working with Difference” as ancare when address- intervention tool in bullying situation was introduced Sexual Orientation Disc. £63,222ing staffing issues through the poster and was incredibly well received. Someand concerns. Additional Award of Costs £25,000 UK based organisations have expressed an interest in bringing the model to their place of work.Equality Edge Open Workshops—In 2009 Equality Edgeran a series of open workshops introducing “Working withDifference” to equality practitioners and human resource Top Equality Tips for Managersofficers, mainly from statutory organisations. These were 1. Listen to your staff team; people do not generally makesuccessful at raising awareness of the alternative and creative allegations of discrimination lightly. If they tell you theyapproach to equality and diversity learning. They also were an have been discriminated against, you are duty bound toexcellent marketing opportunity for Equality Edge; following investigate their claim. Make it a priority, be thorough andparticipation, several people commissioned a WwD workshop keep accurate written be brought into their organisation. 2. Be aware of bullying risk-times. When a new member of staffDuring Autumn 2010 a new programme of open workshops joins the team, think of it as an entire new group. A teamwill be delivered. If you are interested in attending one of building session goes a long way to mitigate against potentialthese, please contact the office to discuss where your nearest bullying.workshop will be. The initial programmes will introduce the 3. Examine your management style. Could anyone accuse you ofWwD model dealing with bullying in the workplace. having a abrasive or aggressive leadership style. CouldDiscounts are available by quoting reference EN-0022. someone you manage be vulnerable and make a bullying or harassment claim against you.Equality Edge offers service to help organisations fulfil their legal requirement. In dispute management, impartiality ismaintained enabling mutually acceptable resolutions to be found. Programmes help minimise the negative impact of bully-ing at work, reducing long term sick leave and improving staff morale and productivity. This will cut potentially exorbitantlegal fees, ET compensation or compromise agreement pay-offs. No more will you be a hostage to the lose/lose scenario— we can find the win-win solution. Contact for a no-obligation and confidential discussion. ©Equality Edge 6 Argyle Road London N12 7NU 020 8445 8447

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