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News & Support 4
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. News and Support No 4 — October 2010 “Working with Difference” - Making a DifferenceEditorial LinkedIn Groups — In addition to the Equality EdgeMany thanks for all the feedback to items in last group “Beyond Diversity—Working with Difference”, there are countless equality and diversity groups available throughNews & Support. It has been suggested that it LinkedIn, with a fascinating range of discussions and topics ofshould be produced on two sides (less compact). interest. They provide great opportunities for learning and a wayPlease let us know if you agree—this month re- to test some of your theories on the subject in a global forum.mains a one side issue. This is a list of the groupsA new LinkedIn group has been created to raise Equality Edge takes part in.the status of “Working with Difference”. Why not Why not join up and have acheck it out click here to find it. browse. Diversity Professionals, EC Equalitynews, The Diversity and Inclusion GroupSomething’s not Right, But What? - Case Study Workplace bullying ,Diversity - A World of Change Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ForumA high functioning senior management team in a public sectororganisation were not working as well as they had before a newmember of staff had been appointed. Although work output was stillat a high level the director knew something was not as it should be. Top Equality Tips for ManagersA “Working with Difference” workshop was commissioned to help 1. Check out the new legislation. Within the past fewuncover any hidden tension. The team, five women and a man were weeks, the Equality Act has come into force. As withinvited to describe themselves anonymously on paper using three other anti-discrimination laws, it is a framework foranimal metaphors—what animal are you at work, where are you and good practice and should be treated as a driver to checkname one attribute you have. The answers ranged from an ant out existing employment and management practices.following well known paths, to a dormouse scurrying round the 2. Undertake Equality Impact Assessments (EIA).edges of the room, to a lion on the prowl on the plains of Africa. Delivering an effective EIA is essential as a undertakingThe group were asked “what must it be like having a lion on the Health and Safety audits. It helps in reviewing policiesprowl in the office”? Breaking from the anonymity, the only manpresent declared himself as the lion and said “I may prowl, but I don’t and practices across the entire organisation. On-line orbite”. A colleague also declaring her animal self (the dormouse) face-to-face support services are available.“Actually it can be quite oppressive”. 3. Be aware of possible bullying trigger moments. Times ofSo ensued a lengthy debate about what it was like having a lion (the downsizing and staff redundancies are particularlyonly man) on the prowl in the office. Unanimously, the group told him vulnerable moments for managers as well as their much he was liked, but his pattern of taking up more than his As the likelihood of redundancies increases, particularlyallocation of the open plan office they shared was a problem. in the statutory sector, be sure you have all the supportWhen the new worker had joined the team, she had replaced the you need. Make sure you do it right; consult and offeronly other man, leaving just one male colleague. Without realisation support throughout your staff team.of this happening, he began to exert his masculinity in the otherwiseall female space. A free coaching session is available to the first two respon-As a result of the workshop, he began to see how his behaviour had dents to this notice and also a free one hour workshop.changed and how it impacted on his colleagues and that it could beoppressive. They all agreed acceptable behaviour and decided that (quoting NSO10) Conditions applynow with open dialogue, the women would be empowered to tell himif his behaviour became a problem again. Equality Edge Social Media DetailsAlthough there was not a accusation against him of sexist behaviour, Twitter - @Equality_Edge with regular daily posts“Working with Difference” was able to bring out difficulties that had LinkedIn - Michael Lassman daily updatesarisen out of having a gender imbalanced team. Blog - weekly postsEquality Edge offers service to help organisations fulfil their legal requirement. In dispute management, impartiality ismaintained enabling mutually acceptable resolutions to be found. Programmes help minimise the negative impact ofbullying at work, reducing long term sick leave and improving staff morale and productivity. This will cut potentiallyexorbitant legal fees, ET compensation or compromise agreement pay-offs. No more will you be a hostage to the lose/lose scenario — we can find the win-win solution. Contact for a no-obligation and confidential discussion. ©Equality Edge 6 Argyle Road London N12 7NU 020 8445 8447

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