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News & Support 5
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. News & Support No 5 — November 2010 “Working with Difference” - Making a DifferenceEditorial PeopleSurv PartnershipAs in 2007, Equality Edge will host a series of open Equality Edge is very excited about teaming up withworkshops in London during the spring 2011. Based on PeopleSurv, an organisation that specialises in employeethe signature project “Working with Difference”, thefirst three sessions will explore team building, healing and customer surveys and research.difficult managerial relationships and minimising the Staff consultations are an important part of deliveringnegative impact of workplace bullying andharassment. If you would like to receive workshop equality best practice; they enable staff to feel valued,brochures, please contact the office. respected and included and can help to uncover anyPlease continue to forward News & Support to your differences and issues that may need to be addressed,contacts; current circulation has grown to 700. through a confidential staff feedback process. PeopleSurv’s innovative ways of capturing feedback canWhy is there always one? - A Case Study help secure competitive advantage; and in the context ofManagers regularly believe that it is there right to get along with all managing equality in an organisation can identify poten-their staff and not have any personality clashes with any of their tially damaging differences that exist, and engage people indirect reports. But it rarely happens that way. putting forward ideas on what needs to happen.“It doesn’t seem to matter where I go, there is always one person onmy team that I don’t get on with”. How many people will empathisewith that comment sent in by a frustrated manager? Many, I suspect. Top Equality Tips for ManagersThis type of problem working relationship was affecting an Equality 1. Recognise hierarchy in management. It is implicit inEdge client to the extent that she was close to leaving her well paidand otherwise rewarding job. organisations that managers are “above” their direct reports. This creates an inequality that, whenAs a senior manager in a large company, she was generally wellliked and a supportive team leader. She was directly responsible for acknowledged, helps to maximise the benefit of theseven people, six of whom really appreciated her input and management relationship.involvement in their work. The other was an excellent worker but did 2. Get support from outside organisations. There are manynot make his management easy. He often cancelled pre-arranged external equality organisations set up exclusively tosupervision sessions and was generally unforthcoming. When asked deal with problems you are facing. Don’t be afraid toabout work, he gave minimal answers and never volunteeredinformation or asked for support, as his colleagues did . use them. Call and find out what they can do for you..The manager commissioned six coaching sessions to try to address 3. Always be authentic. There is no excuse for insinceritythe problems in their working relationship. The first two were in management. Staff will see through you, if you arededicated to helping the manager explore what was not working for not open. Be honest with them and prepared to shareher, how she behaved towards him and what she could do to improve information that will enhance your authenticity. Neverthe situation. The following two sessions were one-to-one with the forget that you are a real person At first, he was reluctant to open up, insisting that there was noproblem and things were fine. The final two were joint sessions.During one-to-one sessions he acknowledged that he had struggled Equality Edge will recover difficult managerial relation-with female managers in the past, but never with men. He recognised ships and offer a 20% discount during January to Marchthat the barrier was a gender based issue and with minimal 2011, for bookings made in 2010. (conditions apply).prompting, he realised that he equated women in authority with a badschool experience; he had been bullied by a female head-teacher. Equality Edge Social Media DetailsWith this recognition and willingness to share with his manager some Twitter - @Equality_Edge with regular daily postsof those former experiences, together they were able to see the LinkedIn - Michael Lassman daily updatesmanagement between them in a new light. As a result, their relation-ship became constructive and supportive and mutually rewarding. Blog - weekly postsEquality Edge offers services to help organisations fulfil their legal requirement. In dispute management, impartiality ismaintained, enabling mutually acceptable resolutions to be found. Programmes help minimise the negative impact ofbullying at work, reducing long term sick leave and improving staff morale and productivity. This will cut potentiallyexorbitant legal fees, Employment Tribunal compensation or compromise agreements. No more will you be a hostage tothe lose/lose scenario — we can find the win/win solution. Contact for a no-obligation and confidential discussion.“Working with Difference” will help you get the most out of your managerial relationships for the benefit of all. ©Equality Edge–6 Argyle Road London N12 7NU 020 8445 8447

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