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The Downtown Edinboro Art & Music Festival (DEAMF) is the largest festival of its
kind in Southern Erie ...
DEAMF provides cultural enrichment for Erie County and extending to the tri-state area.
In 2013, the DEAMF added more demo...
Past Accomplishments
We have discovered that we are fulfilling a thirst and a need for a profound cultural
experience that...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Project Narrative The Downtown Edinboro Art & Music Festival (DEAMF) is the largest festival of its kind in Southern Erie County and one of the region's only, FREE arts and music festivals, held each year during the third weekend of May. The festival showcases grassroots art and music in the unique spirit of Appalachian culture and tradition. The DEAMF offers a broad range of free musical performances; dance,musical instrument, and holistic wellness workshops; an art show (entries must have an Edinboro, music, or Appalachian theme), an artisans' vending tent and extensive children's activities to a rural area with limited opportunities for economic revitalization and cultural enrichment. The festival offers a broad range of free dance,instrument and song writing workshops, performing arts,square dancing, visual arts and children’s activities. The festival is extremely family-oriented and will please youngsters and old-timers alike. We pride ourselves on being able to provide high-quality, nationally recognized music instructors for workshops on various instruments throughout the weekend. Our workshops are open to the old and young, professional musicians and those picking up an instrument for the first time. Each successive year we have been able to invite greater quality performers and instructors. Needfor Funding The people of Erie County rarely have the opportunity to come into contact with the talented instructors in traditional music and dance that only our festival has to offer. These citizens would never have the chance to learn to play an instrument or dance to folk music led by expert instructors in any other realm than the one our festival can provide free of charge. Our local and regional folk culture needs to be nurtured, taught, and shared with a wide audience before it is forgotten. We need to be able to invite more instructors this year to provide the best opportunity for the number of guests who will attend the festival. We also need to diversify our workshops into 3 different levels from which people can choose based on their own abilities. The addition of hands-on three dimensional art workshops will even further diversify the arts portion of our festival. We feelthe need to invite the school-aged music students of Erie County to participate in our fresh and unique music and dance workshops. The type of music and folk arts, which we can offer to school-aged students, is rarely taught in public schools. Therefore,we have a great need to share this quality of dance,art, and music instruction with these students. Quality of Life The DEAMF’s benefits include improving the quality of life of our community and attracting commerce and tourism to Edinboro, PA and Southern Erie County. DEAMF also helps to grow the arts,culture and heritage infrastructure of Southern Erie County. The DEAMF serves to promote the quality of life in Southern Erie County by bringing commerce, quality artisans and varied cultural experiences to the area and to encourage and present a wider understanding of local and regional folk culture and heritage through performance and workshops. To that end,
  • 2. DEAMF provides cultural enrichment for Erie County and extending to the tri-state area. In 2013, the DEAMF added more demonstrating artists, allowing festival goers to see artwork, from jewelry creation, watercolor artists painting in the gardens, to woodworkers turning wood in the artisans' tent. We also added a wellness component, featuring classes and demonstrations in yoga, pilates, and hula hooping. It is the intent of DEAMF to offer a wholesome, successfulcommunity festival that grows year after year. The DEAMF promotes the Edinboro, PA community, attracts commerce and tourism, and offers diversity in the art and music worlds. The community in turn supports the DEAMF through attendance,sponsorships and volunteerism. Collaborative Efforts Our project has been able to join forces with many groups, including Edinboro University, the Edinboro Downtown Business Association, Goodell Gardens and many other service groups to successfully promote tourism and community awareness through art and music. Businesses hotels and restaurants thrive during the weekend. Each year we try to satisfy business owners’ increasing demand to be included in the event (site of a band, workshop or jam session). The feedback was phenomenal from our vendors this year. It is apparent this was the perfect venue for local artisans to sell their wears. It is imperative in the current economy that artisans will still be able to make a successfulliving (or in some cases support a hobby) and varied cultural experiences are still available to our community. With our collaboration with Goodell Gardens we were able to expand our children’s activities schedule. This proved to be a very successfulidea. We attracted hundreds of children and their families as well. We had a full day of arts, crafts,and music activities for them. Also at Goodell Gardens, we were able to expand on our performance schedule. We feel that working together to bring such a great festival to the Erie county region proves to be very positive in terms of improving our regions cultures. Nature and Sources of Permanent Funding Evidence that our event is valued by the community, is the tangible support we receive. Financial support is bestowed by local businesses such as, Wildwood’s Pizza, The Comfort Inn, Wal-Mart, The Edinboro Hotel Bar, PNC Bank,Edinboro Lake Resort,Edinboro University of Pennsylvania to name some appreciated donors. Other support is verified by the fact that each year, more and more businesses want to involved in a major way by being a designated location for a performance or workshop. Additional funds are raised through sponsorships, grants, live auction, a golf outing, and t-shirt and button sales. Sources of Project Funding Funding for our annual project comes from corporate donation, business donations, fundraising, and grants. Some of our funders include The Erie Community Foundation, Erie County Gaming and Revenue Commission, Erie Insurance, Pennsylvania Partners for the Arts, Edinboro University, First National Bank and many others. Annual Budget/Project Budget We work with a project budget of an estimated $60,000
  • 3. Past Accomplishments We have discovered that we are fulfilling a thirst and a need for a profound cultural experience that reaches back into time. In such a digital, high tech world, we are giving people a chance to reconnect to the past through cultural old time music, dance,song, instrumentation, and art. This event provides patrons the opportunity to slow down, communicate, connect and take something inspirational home with them. Our resources,our town, our community, and Edinboro lake will further the impact of our mission to make people feel healthier through art and music. The audience is very appreciative of the festival and the efforts put forth.

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