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Associate degrees are awarded for programmes of at least 2 years in length and are always
indicated and structured as degr...
. Children'sLiterature;
Classroom Management;
o Creative Arts and Health (Early Childhood Education);
. Curriculum Methodo...
Please note that due to the differences in style, structure and content of degrees awarded
overseas and in the UK, it is n...
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NARIC Comparabilitly Report for Erine-Fay V. Dennis.compressed

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NARIC Comparabilitly Report for Erine-Fay V. Dennis.compressed

  • 1. Ms Erine-Fay Dennis 219 M. Sanders Rd Buchanan 301 1 3-3505 United States of America 30 January 201 5 Enquiry Number: 3000029269 RE: Gareer Path Report - Erine-Fay Dennis - United States of America Dear Ms Dennis Qualification Details Title: Bachelor of Science in Education (Early Childhood Education) Duration: 4 years Year of Award: 2013 Awarding Body: Shorter University Overview of the Education System of United States of America The United States of America has a decentralised, federal system of education which delegates a high level of responsibility to state governments. US high school typically ranges from year 8 to 12, with senior high school (in those jurisdictions dividing junior and senior high school levels) usually covering grades 10-12. All types of secondary education terminate in the High School Diploma on successful completion of grade 12. Each state sets its own graduation requirements, with further flexibility for counties within states; subsequently, there is a great deal of variation. The focus of high school education is preparation for entry into the workforce and job training or continuation to further studies at the post-secondary level. Post High School technical and vocational education has distinctive characteristics. Full occupational training of workers does not usually occur at the school level, but rather at the post-secondary level or on the job. Also, educational certificates, diplomas, and degrees in the U.S. are not complete qualifications but require additional examinations, practical work, apprenticeships or internships prior to receiving an occupational or professional license. The education and training of individuals for occupations occurs in schools and post-secondary institutions that also offer academic programmes. Vocational and technical awards may be certificates, diplomas, or associate degrees. Certificates and diplomas are awarded for programmes ranging from less than 1 year to nearly 4 years in duration but that are not classified as degree studies. BIS ln:'m;tr;,',Yno' sl'--+ls. eu]6Doss # K NCP I }*l?l*1,'*l;*m^1,'*l REGISTEREDINENGLANDATOR]ELHOUSE,ORIELBOAD,CHELTENHAM,GLsOlXP 2405026 VATREGNOGB535710456
  • 2. Associate degrees are awarded for programmes of at least 2 years in length and are always indicated and structured as degree programmes. Credits earned may be usable to transfer to a higher level programme in the same subject. At tertiary level, institutions of higher education are regarded as self-governing, chartered corporations and are largely responsible for their own affairs. Accreditation of Higher Education institutions is carried out by a variety of regional, professional and specialised bodies and is overseen by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). At all levels of the education system, academic freedom is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights of the US constitution. Post-secondary education in the US is provided by a variety of institutions - Universities, Colleges, Junior/Community Colleges and Professional Technical Schools. These institutions can be public or private and can award a range of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. Entry into Higher Education is based upon completion of the High School Diploma, performance in verbal and numerical reasoning tests such as the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT l) and the American College test (ACT) and production of satisfactory references. Further evidence of achievement can also be demonstrated by the completion of Advanced Placement (AP) tests, which allow strong candidates to complete undergraduate level work whilst at High School. American Bachelor degrees normally last for four years. lnitially, students are given a broad, general education consisting of introductory and foundation courses. Towards the end of the second year, students identify the 'Major' that they will study. lt is possible to choose two majors, or a major and a minor subject. Following this decision, more specialised courses will be followed and students will conduct research in their field of study. Upon successful completion of a Bachelor degree, it is possible to progress to postgraduate programmes such as Master's degrees and eventually Doctorate degrees. Qualification Descri ption This four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Education specialising in Early Childhood Education was awarded by Shorter University. Shorter University is a recognised university in Georgia, USA with degree-awarding powers and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is one of the six regional accreditation associations recognised by the US Department for Education. Admission to higher education in the USA is based upon a number of factors, including the High School Graduation Diploma, but can also include the student's class rank, references, a writing sample and scores obtained in one of the standardised tests such as the Advanced Placement test. Degrees in the USA generally have a broad base, with the subjects specialising on the chosen major typically appearing later in the degree. The subjects studied during this qualification included, but were not limited to, the following: On behalf of B l S | fl:,m;::HtBusiness .M.e europass # K NC P | )*lll*1.:,'*mll'*: BEGISTEREDINENGLANDATOHIELHOUSE,ORIELROAD,CHELTENHAM,GLsOlXP,24A5026 VATREGNOGB535710456
  • 3. . Children'sLiterature; Classroom Management; o Creative Arts and Health (Early Childhood Education); . Curriculum Methodology and Evaluation (Early Childhood Education); . Diagnostic / Corrective Reading; o Diversity / Multiculturalism; . EducationalPsychology; . Foundations of Education; o lntroduction into Early Childhood Education; o Mathematics Education (Early Childhood Education); . Reading and Language Arts (Early Childhood Education); . Science Education (Early Childhood Education); o Social Science Education (Early Childhood Education); . SpecialTopics in Education; and . Teacher Technology. A complete list of the subjects studied throughout the degree programme and the grades achieved can be found in the transcripts issued to the student upon completion of the course. lt is recommended that this information be presented directly to potential employers or admitting institutions for their consideration in line with specific requirements. The BA degree was passed with Cum Laude and an overall GPA of 3.70R7 was achieved. Grades and credits awarded for each course module and examinations are in accordance with the grades and grade points system used by most universities in the United States of America. This scale can be interpreted as follows: Grade Description GPA A Reserved for exceptional work 4.4 A- lmplies exceptional work 3.67 B+ Means superior work 3.33 B Means good work 3.0 B- lmplies good work 2.67 C+ Means satisfactory work 2.33 C Means satisfactory work 2.0 c- lmplies medium work 1.67 D+ Means inferior work 1.33 D Means inferior work 1.0 D. lmplies poor work 0.67 F Means failure 0.0 BIS lE:,m;tg.usiness w"=% europoss # K NC P | ;x*l*1,,1'^mr,,'*l REGISTERED IN ENGLAND AT ORIEL HOUSE, OBIEL ROAD, CHELTENHAM, GLsO 1XP, 24A5026 VAT REG NO GB 535 7,104 56
  • 4. Please note that due to the differences in style, structure and content of degrees awarded overseas and in the UK, it is not possible to supply generic grade comparability information. It is recommended that grades achieved be considered within the context of the system of the country of origin in line with usual admission / registration requirements. Professional Rights in Gountry of Origin This qualification, in combination with the State of Georgia Educator Certification given by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission qualifies the holder to work as a teacher in Georgia, USA. Gomparability of Award ls considered comparable to British Bachelor degree standard Description of Comparable Level UK NARIC's British Bachelor degree classification is used to describe degree level awards from systems in which there is variability in the style of award. lt is therefore at institutional discretion to decide in individual cases whether the award is more similar in style to a taught course (Ordinary) or to a research based course (Honours). British Bachelor degrees generally take between 3-5 years to complete and are awarded by Higher Education lnstitutions with a Royal Charter to award degrees. These qualifications are designed to enable holders to use their detailed knowledge and understanding to develop appropriate methodologies and apply appropriate techniques to complex problems and issues within a specialised subject or discipline. lndividuals have complete autonomy and are able to use initiative in professional situations which are subject to change. They may also hold significant managerial responsibility. Recommendation for Further Study / Employment in the UK By comparing your US qualification to British Bachelor degree standard, UK NARIC suggests that the qualification may be suitable for entry to postgraduate study in the UK. University entrance is made by institutional discretion in the UK. I therefore suggest you approach individual higher education institutions directly for information regarding postgraduate study opportunities in the UK. lf you wish to pursue a career in teaching in the UK, it is necessary to obtain registered teacher status. There are several ways to train as a teacher in the UK. You therefore may wish to contact the following organisation: The National Colleqe for Teachinq and Leadership Teaching or teacher training: 0800 389 2500 Qualified Teacher Status and induction: 0300 7900 225 Returning to teaching: 0800 085 0971 Web: http ://www. ed ucation. g ov. u Uqet-i nto-teach i nq/ BIS lE:,mrug,,siness Heuropass m K N C P | )*r.l*,l.l,rm r.l,'*l REGISTEREDINENGLANDATORIELHOUSE,OBIELBOAD,CHELTENHAII,GLsO1XP,2405A26 VATREGNOGB535710456
  • 5. lnstitute for Learnino (lfl) Tet. +44 (0) 844 815 3202 Web: http://www. ifl. ac. uk/ Other Awards Country of Qualification: Title of Award: Awarding lnstitution: Year of Completion: Assessment: Additional I nformation : United States of America High School Graduation Diploma Bremen High School, Georgia 2009 ls considered comparable to GCSE (grades A.-C) / Scottish National 5 standard For every Grade 12 level subject passed. The service provided by UK NARIC, although based on informed opinion, should be treated only as guidance. Queries relating to this assessment should be submitted in writing to UK NARIC within six months of the date of issue. Please note that we are unable to accept correspondence received after this timeframe. I hope this is of assistance. Yours sincerely -* ,/^./tJ -f l-ei /rt a -a ,/ . -!{{*&ff** {-"**5 / Zara Green Career Path Report Team On behalf of B I S I r,"*m:t r;Eusiness _.#,q .. europass eJ K NCP l}*i:l*,,1,'*m;r,'*l REGISTEREDINENGLANDATORIELHOUSE,OBIELROAD,CHELTENHAM,GLsOlXP,2405026 VATREGNOGB5357,10456

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