Portable Hardness TesterThe hardness tester is one of the industrial products which are used in measuring the capacity of ...
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Portable Hardness Tester

http://www.te2.com.au/Portable-Hardness-Tester/95/catmenu.aspx - TH-170 Portable Hardness Tester for testing Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Leeb & more.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Portable Hardness TesterThe hardness tester is one of the industrial products which are used in measuring the capacity of acertain material to defy notches, serration or indentation. This capacity is measured by measurementof the depth of the notch of a particular material. If the indentations or notches are smaller then itindicates that the material is harder than the other compared with it.The portable hardness tester is also available in the market. These kinds of testers are available invariety of makes and models. The difference is usually in the materials that they will be testing. Theprice range differs according to the functions of the machines. They come in few hundred dollars or afew thousand dollars depending on the functions. You must know the types of materials that you willbe testing, so that you can choose the tester with respect to the tests you are going to perform. Thematerials that can be tested are lead, soft metal, hard metal, soft films, steel and rubber. Thesetesters are majorly used in testing the hardness of metal.There are many scales that have to be used in order to determine the hardness of the tester. Thedifferent types of scales are coating, nano indentation, Rockwell, brinell, Vickers, leeb and manymore.A coating harness tester is one of the scales in the portable hardness tester. It gauges thematerial’s hardness by the test of scratching, indentation or rubbing test. It also estimates the wearresistance of sealants, adhesives and the thin paint films. Also utilization of scelrometers is taken inorder to evaluate and measure the pressure because of which the scratches occur in a certainmaterial.Rockwell hardness tester is yet another scale and is also very well known. It is popular in some areasof operations since the companies claim that it yields accurate results and is also comparativelyeasier to perform. It is used in measuring the permanent depth by the use of force on the indenter.Before using the Rockwell hardness tester, some pre-tests and additional force tests are performed.Apart from these scales there are many other forms that can be used for measuring the material’shardness. For example, by the use of certain amount of pressure on certain material, dynamicrebound is done. It is used in testing the hardness of diamonds. Other scales that are Vicker andKnoop are used in light loads that start from few gram measurements to 1 or more kg.There are many companies that are into the provision of such industrial products. Testequip is acompany that specializes in portable hardness tester and other such measuring equipments.

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