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CONTENT OF THE SEMINARThe seminar will start with the update on youth policy development on EUlevel and EU youth strategy....
Participants have to apply online via SALTO-YOUTH application system.Direct link to the application form is: h...
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National and EU youth strategies - call for participants 2012

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Transcripts - National and EU youth strategies - call for participants 2012

  • 1. INSTITUTE MOVIT Dunajska cesta 22International seminar SI-1000 Ljubljana T: +386 (0)1 430 47 47 F: +386 (0)1 430 47 49“National and EU Youth W: E: info@m ovit.siStrategies”24-26 April 2012,Ljubljana, SloveniaBACKGROUND INFORMATIONIn the last decade the European youth policy has been developingrapidly, encouraging EU member states to develop complementaryyouth policy measures and strategies on national, regional and locallevel. After a decade it is a good moment to have a close look at whathappened in this field in the member states during these past years.Have the developments at the EU level stimulated the developmentand implementation of complementary national or local youth policymeasures and strategies? If yes, what kind of measures are they andcould they be an inspiration for some other communities? TheRenewed framework of European cooperation in the youth field for2010-2018 covers many different topics of common Europeaninterest in the field of youth and they have all been identified incooperation with the national authorities and other national, regionaland local actors in the field of youth, including young peoplethemselves. This means that they should provide a solid ground forthe exchange of experience between countries in the implementationof complimentary measures and/or strategies in the field of youth.AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THE SEMINARThe overall aim of the seminar is to stimulate the development ofinstruments (programmes, measures, etc.) supporting the coherence ofEuropean / national / regional / local youth strategies.The objectives of the seminar are:· To introduce the latest developments of EU youth policy· To exchange best practices among participants and beyond· To place local, regional, national development in the frame of EU developments· To make links between local, regional, national development in the frame of European developments· To review existing instruments supporting European cooperation in the field of youth
  • 2. CONTENT OF THE SEMINARThe seminar will start with the update on youth policy development on EUlevel and EU youth strategy. Participants will tackle the ever present questionwhy Youth Policies are needed and how to ensure the effect of YouthStrategies.Knowing the background and needs, participants will be able to draw linksbetween the local, national and EU youth strategies and try to create an idealstrategy model.The final day will be focused on discussing how youth work development andmobility are addressed and supported and which instruments supportEuropean cooperation in the field of youth.A publication showcasing examples presented by participants and inputs fromthe seminar will enable the dissemination of the seminar results to otherinterested practitioners, researchers, decision makers and experts in Europeand wider.PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTSThe seminar is open to:- representatives of national /regional / local authorities responsiblefor the field of youth work and youth policy, participating in setting up and/orimplementing strategies, measures, instruments in the field of youth policyand youth work;- national / regional / local experts in youth policy and/or youthwork development, participating in setting up and/or implementingstrategies, measures, instruments in the field of youth policy and youthwork.Participants should come from the Programme countries of the Youth inAction Programme (EU27 + Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway,Switzerland, Turkey) and be over 18 y ears old.Working language of the seminar will be English, so participants must be ableto work in English language.Important: each participating country will have to present at least 1example of national/regional/local strategy in the field of youth work andlearning mobility.The maximum number of participants is 30.APPLICATION DEADLINE AND PROCEDUREIn principle, only applications supported by the National agencies of theYouth in action programme will be accepted. Please check with your NationalAgency, if they are willing to support your participation (you can find the listof National agencies here:
  • 3. Participants have to apply online via SALTO-YOUTH application system.Direct link to the application form is: you do not have a SALTO profile yet, you will have to create it first inorder to be able to access the application form. Creation of the SALTO profileis free and will only take a few seconds. Should you experience any problemstrying to access the application form please write to application deadline is 15th March 2012 at the latest.Participants will be informed about the selection results around the 23rd ofMarch 2012.PRACTICALITIES AND VENUE OF THE SEMINAR:The seminar will take place in City Hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The hotel islocated in the centre of the city, right next to the old city core. You can findmore about the hotel at, and more about Ljubljana seminar will start in the morning on 24th of April and end in theafternoon on the 26th of April 2012. International participants are thereforeexpected to arrive at the venue on the 23rd of April and leave on the 27th ofApril 2012.FINANCIAL CONDITIONSAccommodation, food and programme costs will be fully covered by theorganisers.Travel costs to the seminar and back can be covered by the NationalAgencies of the Youth in Action Programme, so please contact yourrespective National Agency for more information on this (see the list here: seminar is financed by the EU Youth in Action programme and organizedby the Slovenian National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme (MOVIT– Institute for the development of youth mobility, see incooperation with the Lithuanian National Agency of the Youth in Actionprogramme (Agency of International Youth Co-operation, see of facilitators:The seminar will be facilitated by the representatives of Institute MOVIT andtwo professional facilitators with extensive experience in youth policydevelopment, implementation and research, Mr Tadej Beočanin (SI) and MrMarius Ulozas (LT).MORE INFORMATIONShould you have further question regarding this seminar, please send anemail to