PORTABLE ORDERING PORTABLE ORDERING Fedelta Orderman revolutionises the dining experience by serving more customers...
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Portable Ordering - transforming dining experience.

In this paper we present a device that will revolutionise dining experience by serving more customers efficiently.As a result, it will eliminate timely trips between the POS and your customers.www.fedeltapos.com
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Portable Ordering - transforming dining experience.

  • 1. PORTABLE ORDERING PORTABLE ORDERING Fedelta Orderman revolutionises the dining experience by serving more customers more efficiently. Customer orders can be processed straight to the kitchen as well as tables bills printed and paid for directly in front of the customer eliminating timely trips between the Point of Sale and your customers. Fedelta Orderman runs on industry hardware designed specifically for the hospitality environment. The device is light weight, drop resistant and has a high waterproof rating as well as a long battery life providing the perfect platform for your mobile ordering. KEY FEATURES Faster Service, Increased Customer Satisfaction, No more confirmation/cancellation errors Higher Turnover All orders (and order cancellations) are processed on the As soon as an order is entered it is transmitted to the Orderman display screen in the presence of the guest. appropriate preparation area allowing the service personnel Breakdown in communication becomes a thing of the past remain to where they belong: with the guests. This simply reducing the pressure on serving staff. Ensuring guests means more time dedicated to service and, in turn, receive exactly what they order is an important ingredient greater turnover. in creating the perfect customer experience. Bill Printing at the Table Less walking; staff ulitised to best effect Serving staff no longer need to leave the table to get the bill. Cutting down time spent walking by up to 40% means that Simply print out at the table using the belt printer. This provides waiting staff can concentrate on sales and serve an average considerable time savings for waiting staff and more importantly of 25% more guests. your customers. Efficient flow of communication between the serving staff and kitchen The continual flow of incoming orders gives kitchen staff an advantage over conventional methods of around 6-10 minutes.Want more information?Phone: 1300 652 029 Email: info@fedeltapos.comwww.fedeltapos.com

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