Pool Safety Tips for Kids
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Pool Safety Tips for Kids

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Published on: Mar 6, 2016
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  • 1. Pool Safety Tips for Kids Crystal Glassbuild - best quality frameless pool fencing provider has built countless pool fences for both public and residential swimming pools. The customised, high quality pool fencing by Crystal Glassbuild is designed to match any home or building architecture, adding aesthetic value to the property instead of taking some of the “beauty” away. However, pool fences, regardless of their design, type, and build, are installed for one major purpose: safety. Pool fences are necessary to prevent pets and kids gain unsupervised and unwarranted access to the pool area. Moreover, it’s a law requirement that pool owners must comply. But once you loosen the latch of your pool fence and let the kids in for a few hours of playtime, their safety becomes your responsibility. You should supervise them the moment you let them step into the pool area. Here are some pool safety tips you should take note of when supervising children: Make sure the kids are wearing proper swimwear. Let’s admit it. Those tiny bathing suits and swimming trunks make little boys and girls look even more adorable. But aside from increasing their cuteness levels, those mini and often bright-coloured swimwear ensures that they can move freely whilst swimming and playing in the water. Loose clothing can hamper their movements and worse, get caught in pool traps or filters, increasing the chance of drowning and other pool accidents. Have them shower before hitting the water. Showering before swimming will help their bodies adjust to the temperature of the water in the pool. Aside from that, showering will ensure that their bodies are thoroughly clean before they jump into the water. Once they’re in the water, keep your eye on them. That means no distractions. Put away your phone, laptop, book, and even music player away. You should always be on the lookout for signs of drowning and other accidents. Don’t allow running or playful jostling. Instruct your kids to walk slowly and be cautious every time they’re out of the water and hanging out by the poolside. Avoid the risk of falling and slipping due to scattered toys and wet floors. Once they’re done swimming, make sure they go for another round of shower before changing into dry clothes. Although chlorine and chemicals are used to keep the pool water clean, germs, viruses, and bacteria can still survive in the water. So just to be safe, have them clean their bodies with soap, preferably an anti-bacterial variety, and fresh water after swimming. http://www.crystalglassbuild.com.au/

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