Pool Safety Tips for the Family This Summer
Once the heat starts to kick in this summer, everyone in your home would love ...
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Pool Safety Tips for the Family This Summer

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Pool Safety Tips for the Family This Summer Once the heat starts to kick in this summer, everyone in your home would love to hang out in the pool. It’s a fun and cheap way to escape the rising temperature. To make sure that it would be all laughs and happy sloshing, here are some pool safety tips you should bear in mind: Always keep an eye on children when they are near or in the pool. Kids are kids. They don’t have the sense of safety you do. So, whenever they’re spending time in the pool, always have an adult to watch and supervise them. Make sure that the “guard for the day” has a phone handy. In case there is an emergency, he or she can call for help immediately. As their parent, give them a talk about basic water safety tips. Also, point out the pipes, drains, and other openings where they can get tangled or trapped and tell them to stay away from those areas. Teach your kids how to swim. Or, enrol them in a swimming class. Swimming is a survival skill that every person should learn. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses the skill to float and wade in water. So, at an early stage, allow your kids to learn this skill. They’ll be safer whenever they’re in a pool or any body of water. Fence your pool. Whether it’s a stylish pool fencing like a frameless pool fencing & shower screens or just a simple, but sturdy self-closing fence, it’s important that you enclose your residential pool with at least a four-foot tall fence. If you can afford it, install alarms that will alert adults whenever someone goes near the water. Moreover, keep your pool as safe as possible at all times. Make sure it remains inaccessible to kids when there’s no adult around to watch them. Don’t leave toys lying around. After everyone is done swimming, pick them up and stash them away. And lastly, have a pool safety toolkit. Drowning emergencies are avoidable but in case an unfortunate incident happens, you’ll have all the equipment to handle the situation. A pool safety kit should have a first aid kit, a pair of sharp scissors, a working phone, and a floater. Moreover, learn how to perform CPR on both adults and kids. The few seconds after a drowning incident are the most crucial. So don’t waste them waiting for paramedics. If you can, perform CPR right away. http://www.crystalglassbuild.com.au/

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