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NAND Flash File System

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. NAND Flash File System Features Overview • Supports standard NAND flash memories The Arasan NAND Flash File System provides a high-performance and reliable software • Standard ANSI C compliant solution to embedded systems using NAND flash memories. The versatile NAND Flash • Portable to Linux, WinCE, and other oper- File System is designed to meet the requirements for applications such as cell phones, ating systems media players, cameras, video camcorders, laptops, and servers. • Supports FAT16, FAT32, and other file system interfaces The Arasan NAND Flash File System is an ANSI C compliant program that interfaces to • Reliable, Re-entrant Embedded File Sys- the application layer on one side and the NAND flash controller on the other side. The File tem Management system consists of standard C library files for the API such as create, open, • Supports dynamic creation and deletion of close, read and write. It also provides a high-level power failure safety feature that guaran- files, directories, and links tees all saved data are safe and the file system structure are not corrupted. • Long file name support The NAND File System provides many functions to maximize the efficiency and utilities • Concurrent use of multiple volumes of the NAND flash memories. These include garbage collection to reclaim discarded • Multilevel write protection blocks, wear leveling to ensure all blocks are evenly utilized to prolong the memory life- • Multiple media support times, bad block management to record bad block locations, and a selectable hardware • Low level NAND flash drivers ECC available in the Arasan NAND Flash Controller IP to handle error detection and error • Use of flash memory invisible to applica- correction. tions • Transparent wear leveling prolongs mem- The NAND Flash Driver interfaces to the Arasan NAND Flash Controller IP. It imple- ory life span ments the firmware interface to operate the controller and its NAND flash memories. The • Garbage collection NAND Flash Driver supports commands of commercially available NAND flash memo- • Detects bad blocks ries to provide maximum system performance. • Supports hardware ECC available in Arasan NAND Flash Controller IP • Selectable ECC on/off • Easy integration to custom hardware plat- forms • Supports SLC and MLC NAND flash memories The Arasan NAND Flash File System A p p licatio n A ra san N A N D F lash File S ystem F ile M a na ge m e nt SW ECC G a rb age B ad B lock W ear (O ption al) C o lle ction M gm t Le veling N A N D F lash D evice D river A ra san N A N D F lash C o n tro ller IP Copyright 2009 Arasan Chip Systems Inc. Version 1.0b Advanced Information ONFI Compliant
  • 2. NAND Flash File System Advanced Information File Management: bad blocks to ensure that the data is properly Benefits: The ANSI C compliant File Management sys- stored. tem interface provides the high-level APIs. • Conforms to ANSI C stan- The reliable, re-entrance system restores sys- NAND Flash Device Driver: dards tem states and avoid data loss in the event of The NAND Flash Device Driver provides I/O • Portable to any OS unexpected power loss. FAT16, FAT32, and and other hardware functions for the Arasan • Premier direct support from other file system interfaces are supported. NAND Flash Controller IP (provided sepa- Arasan engineering team rately). Such functions include controller ini- • Industrial standard test- NAND Flash Management: tialization, and NAND Flash commands and bench development plat- The NAND Flash Management system data handling. The Device Driver also controls forms available from includes all utilities required to maximize the the on/off state of the hardware ECC available Arasan performance and life span of the NAND Flash in the Arasan NAND Flash Controller IP. The memory devices. Garbage collection is per- use of ECC is to enhance the NAND flash per- formed to reclaim discarded blocks so that formance and to maintain the data integrity. they may be reused. Wear leveling is to ensure Custom device drivers can be developed to that all blocks are utilized evenly in order to support specific hardware controllers. Deliverables: prolong the life span of the NAND Flash memories. Wear leveling is especially impor- • C source code tant for increasing the lifetimes of high-den- • Technical documents sity MLC NAND flash memories. Bad block management is required to identify and record Supported Platforms: The Arasan NAND Flash File System in a system environment. • Platforms: Linux and WinCE • Ported to other OSs Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. Data Sheet Link: 2010 N. First St. Suite #510 NAND Flash Controller IP Core: San Jose CA 95131 Phone: 408-282-1600 Copyright 2009 Arasan Chip Systems Inc. Fax: 408-282-7800 For a complete directory of Arasan IPs, please visit:

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