Press releaseopens a dispute on the Court in Macerata (Italy) among the athlete Gianluca Francioni and thetown of Corridon...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Press releaseopens a dispute on the Court in Macerata (Italy) among the athlete Gianluca Francioni and thetown of Corridonia, the company that operates the stadium "Martini" and Fanfulla Lodi (Milan)Athletic Team, with he was signed when the accident occurred that has forced into inactivity byDecember 2010 and perhaps will lead to abandonment of events.In the lawsuit to get compensation for damage Gianluca Francioni, will be assisted by LawyerGiancarlo Nascimbeni in Macerata which prepared the summons for the hearing on 5/29/2013.The athlete who, in his long career, which began in 1984 won the title of Italian champion inthe shotput, 5 Convocations in the Italian national team, national record holder and in 2010celebrated together with his brother Simon, 4 times Italian champion, who was also a nationallevel shotputter, 25 years of career and that thanks to the training carried out in the United Statesat Rutgers University under the guidance of coach Tony Naclerio Development Member the UnitedStates and the Olympic Coordinator for throwing events in Olympic race have achieved all theseresults, has gained this decision after serious injury that occurred in December 2010 at the stadium"Martini" of Corridonia (MC), during one of his training due to the broke the launch platform. Thefacilities of the stadium used for the shot put, before the accident were the subject of severalreports by national and regional mass media.The injury has forced the athlete to be operated at his own expense at the Santa Maria dellaMisericordia hospital in Perugia for the reconstruction of the patellar tendon in his right knee byProfessor Auro Caraffa, specialist who oversaw the national champions and known as particularlyexpert in operations on the knee.Gianluca Francioni asks $ 150,000 for damages and calls into question the town of Corridonia,which owns of the stadium, the management of the stadium "Martini" of Corridonia negligently oreven abandonment of shot put facilities that, coincidentally, after the serious injury suffered,despite numerous requests, were repaired by the city, and his Athletic team Fanfulla (Milan

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