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Polonious-CRW Selection Announcment

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Polonious-CRW Selection Announcment

  • 1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Media  Contact:   Gary  LaFond   Vice  President  –  Sales  &  Marketing   Polonious  Investigation  Systems,  LLC   888.650.POLO  (7656)   gary.lafond@polonious-­‐Systems.com     FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE     Polonious  announces  selection  of  its  case  management  system  by    Cronin,  Riordan  &  Whitman  Security  Consultants       Palm  Beach,  Florida  –  May  8,  2014  –  Polonious  Investigation  Management  Systems  (Polonious),  premier  providers  of  SIU  and  investigation   management  systems,  today  announced  that  Cronin,  Riordan  &  Whitman  Security  Consultants  (CRW)  has  selected  Polonious  Investigation   Case  Management  Systems  (PCMS)  as  its  enterprise  case  management  system.     “We  were  seeking  a  system  that  could  effectively  manage  all  types  of  investigations  and  security  services  in  a  highly  secure  environment,”   said  Mark  Riordan,  Chief  Operating  Officer  and  Founding  Partner  of  CRW.    “PCMS  will  be  able  to  manage  all  of  our  investigations  and   security  incidents  with  the  scalability  to  enable  our  company  to  grow  without  system  limitations.”   Polonious  provides  cutting-­‐edge  case  management  solutions  for  investigation  agencies,  insurance  organizations,  special  investigative  units   (SIUs)  and  law  enforcement.    The  company’s  services  and  solutions  reduce  the  administrative  tasks,  improve  cycle  times  by  identifying   bottlenecks  in  the  investigation  process,  reduce  the  number  of  open  cases  and  positively  impact  outcomes  of  investigations.  Polonious  uses   its  systems  and  industry  expertise  to  enhance  and  streamline  the  investigation  process  for  both  law  enforcement  and  investigation   agencies,  and  for  insurance  organizations  seeking  to  defend  themselves  from  fraud  while  advising  with  clients  on  best  practices.   More  information  about  Polonious’  investigation  services  and  case  management  solutions  can  be  accessed  via  the  company  website  at   www.investigation-­‐management.com.     #  #  #     About  Polonius  Investigations  Management  Systems  (Polonious)   Polonious  Investigations  Management  Systems  was  established  in  2004  by  Alastair  Steel  and  Stuart  Guthrie,  who  combined  have  more  than   five  decades  of  experience  in  software  design  and  development,  process  improvement,  law  enforcement  and  insurance  fraud  investigations.   Polonious  Investigation  Case  Management  System  (PCMS)  was  created  to  meet  a  need  for  software  solutions  focused  on  case  and  incident   management  in  the  insurance  and  investigation  industries.    Since  2004,  PCMS  has  been  implemented  in  over  50  organizations  around  the   globe  with  varied  business  processes  and  requirements  from  large  insurance  carriers  to  small  forensic  teams.     Polonious  Investigations  Management  Systems  global  headquarters  is  located  in  Sydney  Australia  and  operates  a  North  American   Headquarters  in  Palm  Beach  FL.   For  more  information  about  Polonious,  please  contact  Gary  LaFond,  VP  of  Sales  &  Marketing  at  gary.lafond@polonious-­‐systems.com  or   visit  the  company  website  at  www.investigation-­‐management.com.       About  Cronin,  Riordan  &  Whitman  Security  Consultants  (CRW)     Cronin,  Riordan  &  Whitman  Security  Consultants,  LLC  (CRW),  is  a  newly  formed  Houston  TX  -­‐  based  corporate  intelligence,  investigation  and   security  consulting  company  founded  in  2014.    CRW  provides  risk  mitigation  services  for  individuals  and  corporations,  which  due  to  their   wealth,  corporate  specialty,  market  sector,  or  critical  infrastructure  status,  are  or  may  be  targeted  by  domestic  or  international  criminals  or   organized  criminal  groups.    CRW  is  led  by  Hank  Whitman  who  retired  as  the  Chief  of  the  Texas  Rangers,  Johnny  Cronin,  who  previously  co-­‐ founded  the  largest  privately  owned  Security  Company  in  Texas  and  Mark  Riordan,  retired  State  Police  Criminal  Intelligence  Lieutenant.     Together  these  men  and  their  handpicked  staff  provide  cutting  edge,  professional  and  discreet  investigative  services  to  worldwide  clients.         For  more  information  about  Cronin,  Riordan  &  Whitman  Security  Consultants,  please  contact  Mark  Riordan  at  information@crwsc.com

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