Preventing Sewage Backups
Even the experienced do-it-yourselfer doesn’t want to be faced with sewage backups in their
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Preventing Sewage Backups | The Gentlemen Plumbers Calgary has more than 122 years of plumbing experience, offering courteous and professional plumbing to residents of Calgary.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Preventing Sewage Backups Even the experienced do-it-yourselfer doesn’t want to be faced with sewage backups in their home. Depending on the construction of your home, backups can be caused by a number of things. In some instances, houses have sewer services that are connected to footing drains, downspouts, or sump pumps. When there is a lot of rain, water runs into the sewers, resulting in a backup of sewage into the house. About 1 in 4 homes in Canada rely on septic systems for their waste disposal. The Gentlemen Plumbers Calgary offers trusted Calgary plumbing services for those times when septic tanks act up and create a seemingly unstoppable mess. Frequently emitted odors and continuously clogging are just some of the signs that there is a major problem with your sewage system. When the sewage backup occurs in only one fixture, the problem is due to a fixture line, meaning that the main line does not need to be addressed. For single-line clogs, using a snake drain may be all that is required to fix the problem. If this becomes a recurring problem throughout your home, a professional Calgary plumber should be called before it becomes a more serious issue. If there is no drainage from more than one fixture, the problem is far more serious. When grease plugs up your service lines, tree roots compromise your sewage system, or the ground becomes saturated, the potential for sewage backups increases exponentially. Home owners can prevent these problems with regular maintenance and basic prevention techniques. We’ve listed some of the best ways to prevent having even minor problems with your sewage system below. Don’t pour any cooking oils or grease down the drain. Although they may be a liquid when you pour them, they will become solid when they cool and make messy clogs that cause backups. Never flush feminine products down the toilet. Prevent even small pieces of food waste from going down the drain. Professional plumbers can remove solids that settle at the bottom of your septic system to improve overall efficiency, but prevention is much more cost-effective than waiting until a problem develops. Homeowners do not often realize the importance of maintenance until it’s too late and a potentially bank breaking sewage or septic issue has them taking out a short term loan. The best approach is to prevent disposing of any solids into your drains or sewage system that could clog the main line, and to get professional care to maintain your sewage system before a much larger problem develops. Too often, plumbers take a quick-fix approach to plumbing repairs that cure the symptoms, but not the main source of the problem. When you choose The Gentlemen Plumbers, you won’t be in for any plumbing surprises further down the road.

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