Pond PlantsPond plants refer to moisture loving flowers and greenery that survive and thrive in pond water such aslotuses,...
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Pond plants

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Pond PlantsPond plants refer to moisture loving flowers and greenery that survive and thrive in pond water such aslotuses, lilies and more. These pond plants not only supply oxygen to the water in favor of the inhabitantsof the pond such as frogs and fishes and help in keeping the water clean and clear, but also offers shadeto reduce algae growth and provides shelter to small fish and amphibians. Flowering pond plants will lure indragonflies, bees and other insects. If you want a clear pond, you may want to consider planting pond plants.Pond baskets allow you to grow pond plants in the water with the help of stones as opposed to soil. Pondwater that does not have a constant amount of soil leaching in from the submerged pots will look clearer. Pondplants can live happily without the use of soil, obtaining their necessary vitamins and minerals from a pondfertilizer. In this article, we will learn how to plant pond plants without the use of soil.First of all, remove the pond plants, as well as their root balls, from the soil. Clean and wash the pond plantsalong with their root balls with warm water, rinsing the roots in order to completely rid the pond plants of soil.Place the pond plants to the side on a piece of newspaper.Place the pond plants in the center of a pond basket. Holding the plant upright with one hand, lay stones ofvarious sizes around the plant in order to hold the pond plants firmly in place. The stones will also help weighdown the pond basket, which will prevent it from floating up to the waters surface after you submerged thepond plants in the water.Continue the process of placing pond plants in the middle of each basket and enclose them with stones, untiland unless each one of the pond plants has a pot. Pour a 1-inch layer of pea gravel over the stones in eachbasket. Place the pond baskets in the water, with the foliage of each pond plant above the water line. You mayhave to lay the baskets on bricks or concrete blocks in order to keep the foliage higher than the water. Feedthe pond plants a diet of pond plants food or have koi or goldfish in your pond, if they are not living in the pondalready. Nutrients that the pond plant would have obtained from the soil are given off as waste products by thefish.For more information on Pond Plants, including other interesting and informative articles and photos, pleaseclick on this link: Pond Plants

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