NUTRIENTS SUPPLIED (pounds per gallon):
TOTAL NITROGEN (N)......................... 0.44
Zinc (Zn).........................
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Microbolt ZN
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. NUTRIENTS SUPPLIED (pounds per gallon): TOTAL NITROGEN (N)......................... 0.44 Zinc (Zn)............................................ 0.99 Derived from: ammonium hydroxide and zinc EDTA EDTA chelated trace element for prevention and correction of micronutrient deficiency. PRODUCT PROPERTIES: Weight: 11.0 lbs. per gallon Specific gravity: 1.32 kg/L pH: 7.0 – 8.0 Appearance: slight yellowish liquid Odor: mild odor GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION: NACHURS MicroBolt Zn® micronutrients are intended for use in a complete crop nutritional program where a soil and/or plant tissue analysis has indicated a zinc deficiency. NACHURS MicroBolt Zn micronutrients may be applied with NACHURS liquid fertilizers, other liquid fertilizers, fertilizer suspensions, nitrogen solutions, or water. FIRST AID: Please see MSDS sheet for more information, call (800) 622-4877 or visit us online at SELLER WARRANTS THAT THE ABOVE PRODUCT CONFORMS TO ITS CHEMICAL DESCRIPTION AND IS REASONABLY FIT FOR THE PURPOSE ON THE LABEL WHEN USED IN ACCORDANCE WITH DIRECTIONS UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS OF USE (INCLUDING NORMAL WEATHER CONDITIONS). NEITHER THIS WARRANTY NOR ANY OTHER WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, EXTENDS TO THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT WHEN USED CONTRARY TO THE LABEL INSTRUCTIONS OR UNDER ABNORMAL CONDITIONS (INCLUDING ABNORMAL WEATHER CONDITIONS), AND THE BUYER ASSUMES THE RISK OF ANY SUCH USE. NACHURS STARTER OR FOLIAR APPLICATIONS ARE INTENDED TO SUPPLEMENT EXISTING SOIL FERTILITY PROGRAMS AND WILL NOT BY ITSELF PROVIDE ALL THE NUTRIENTS NORMALLY REQUIRED BY AGRICULTURAL CROPS. *These are general product recommendations. Please consult with your authorized NACHURS distributor or agronomist for specific fertility recommendations. product recommendations • • • • • APPLICATION RATES* (Pints Per Acre): High Response Crops: Row 1 Banded 2 corn, beans, cotton, sweet 1-3 2-5 corn, sorghum, popcorn, onions, spinach, rice Other Crops: soybeans, sugar beets, wheat 1-2 2-4 alfalfa, barley, oats, tobacco, carrots, cabbage, table beets, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, squash, rye, clover, bermuda, coastal grasses, sudangrass, and peanuts Note: 1 pint of NACHURS MicroBolt Zn micronutrients contain: 0.1238 pounds of elemental zinc. 1. Row recommendations are intended to provide starter application of zinc for the current year crop and are not expected to correct severe zinc deficiencies. Additional banded or foliar applications may be necessary to correct severe deficiencies. 2. Banded generally refers to 2” to the side and 2” below the seed and is usually applied during planting. Foliar Feeding General Guidelines*: For all the above crops including tree fruits, citrus, small fruits, and ornamentals: 1-2 pints/A in minimum 20 gallons of water Aerial: 1-2 pints/A in minimum 5 gallons of water NACHURS liquid fertilizer may be used as a carrier at 3-5 gallons per acre. More than one application may be required for severe deficiency. Note: Foliar fertilization is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilization program and will not by itself provide all the nutrients normally required by agricultural crops. NACHURS chelated micronutrients should not be used unless a deficiency is indicated by a soil test and/or tissue analysis, and/or appearance of deficiency symptoms. Optimum rate of application will vary between fields depending on soil pH and organic matter content. MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Put 1/3 of water or fertilizer in tank 2. Add other chemicals (if applicable) 3. Fill tank with balance of water or fertilizer 4. Add correct amount of chelate (shake each container vigorously before use) 5. Agitate adequately to mix Caution: Check compatibility with orthophosphates, high potash suspensions, and chemical mixtures. www. n a c h u r s . c o m premium liquid micronutrient NNAACHCURHSURS MicroBolt Zn NNAACHCURHSURS MicroBolt Zn © 2014. NACHURS ALPINE SOLUTIONS. All rights reserved. “NACHURS” and “NACHURS MicroBolt Zn” are trademarks of NACHURS ALPINE SOLUTIONS.

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