Name:__________________________________________ Country: ___________________________<br />Population Jelly Babies<br />2...
Population Jelly Babies Pupils Sheet and Cards
Population Jelly Babies Pupils Sheet and Cards
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Population Jelly Babies Pupils Sheet and Cards

Pupil Worksheet and Cards to use for population Jelly Babies.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Population Jelly Babies Pupils Sheet and Cards

  • 1. Name:__________________________________________ Country: ___________________________<br />Population Jelly Babies<br />25717548260Orange = Over 65<br />Yellow = Male Child<br />Green = Male Adult<br />Black = Female Child<br />Raspberry (Dark Red) = Female Adult<br />Population Structure (number of each type)<br />At Start of the GameAt the End of the Game-28575635Over 65-285753175Male Child-285753175Male Adult-285753175Female Child-285753175Female Adult<br />Makes Birth Rate IncreaseMakes Birth Rate DecreaseMakes Death Rates IncreaseMakes Death Rates Decrease<br />A flu epidemic strikes your country. Lose 3 elderly people and one child.There is no family planning. Gain three children.Children are seen as an expense! Loose two children.Famine kills one adult over 65, one woman, and two children.Health care improves and people live longer. Gain 3 elderly people.All even numbered countries have a sudden population boom. Gain two children.There is a baby boom; you gain three children.All men in your country must serve in the military. The death rate amongst adult males is therefore higher than in other countries. Lose one adult male.Population Explosion. For each pair of adults in your country gain one child.A flood affects country 3. Two people are killed.There is no state pension system in your country. Children support their parents. Add four children to your population.Your country experiences an influx of migrant workers. Gain 5 adult males.The cost of childcare in your country is very low. Gain two children.Your government imposes a one-child policy. Return half your children to the central dish.Cholera spreads. Lose two of y our children. Both of the countries either side of you lose two children too.Your population is ageing. Swap three adults for over 65s from the central dish.The government increases child benefit payments for families of two or more children. Gain two children.There is a ‘flu epidemic’ so half of people over 65 in your country die.Swine Flu Strikes – Loose 1 over 65 and one child from your countries population.Country 2 has no laws on immigration. People from all over the world are attracted by the good weather. Gain two people from all other countries in your group.Most women are delaying having children to have careers first. Lose one child.Family planning is introduced, gain one child.Your country is invaded during a war. The government decides to send children to a safer country. Send 4 children to a country of your choice.Cultural pressure results in some female babies being killed at birth. Lose one female child.Due to poor medical facilities lots of babies die. Lose one male child and one female child.A gas explosion in a nursery results in the death of one adult female and two children in country 3.A massive landslide wipes out a large town on the border with the country two places to the left of you. Each country loses one of each segment in the population.Improved water supplies mean people are healthier and live longer. Gain one adult female and one adult male.Your government imposes a population policy to encourage population growth. Ensure you have two children for every pair of adults in your country.All odd numbered countries experience famine. Lose two people each.An earthquake affects country 1, three people die.Hospitals in odd numbered countries introduce high charges for adults over 65. As a result some elderly people die. Lose two adults over 65.AIDS and prostitution are big problems in your country. Lose half your female adults. The countries to your left and right lose three adult males.Industrialisation means fewer workers are needed. Lose two adult males.Male children are more desirable than female children in your country. Gain one female child and two male children.Lightening strike – one country of your choice loses one person from an age group of your choice!An earthquake affects country 4. One person dies.Poverty and lack of jobs in your country means that all adult males migrate to a country of your choosing.There is a measles epidemic. All children in odd numbered countries are immunised. Children in even numbered countries are not immunised. Lose half the children in all odd numbered countries.Male children are more desirable than female children in your country. Gain one female child and two male children.Your country is at war with another country of your choosing. The people in your country are suffering more. You lose two male adults and they lose one male adult.Healthcare in country 1 is very good, gain one adult over 65 from all other countries in your group.Religious beliefs encourage large families. Gain three more children.Government subsides of the shipping industries means that there are lots of jobs available. Migration from surrounding countries is high. Gain one adult male from all other countries.The country on your right is more developed than you and the border is not well protected. Lose two adult males and two adult females to that country.<br />

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