2 francs 3rd of November, 1812
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Napoleon Newspaper

This is the Napoleon Newsletter History Project. It is one of the Top Three pieces of Homework I've done.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Napoleon Newspaper

  • 1. 2 francs 3rd of November, 1812 By Filip Car, Class 8M The Napoleonic Times Napoleon; Defeated?! SPECIAL POINTS OF IN- TEREST: Dear Fellow Citi- problem which the bad-doing of  Napoleon de- zens, our hearts forced Napoleon to Bonaparte’s famous feated, cur- ache with grief as retreat was the lack army. We do not yet rently returning we receive the sad know all the details, to France news that our great but it is talked that  French gener- leader, Napoleon, Napoleon’s army als; Traitors?! was forced to make suffered sub-zero  Soldiers suf- a shameful retreat temperatures and fered sub-zero temperatures from Moscow, due lack of food. The Na- and lack of poleonic times will The retreat from Moscow food of information on keep updating you  Massive the conditions in on the latest infor- deaths in the Russia, so Bona- mation and the out- parte, even with all comes of the re- The march back home to the traitorous, his past experience, treat. INSIDE THIS ISSUE: inexcusable acting had no mean of of some Napoleons knowing which ex- Crops Destroyed! 2 best men. As our act preparations to trusted sources take. This shortage Farmer’s Journal 5 show, the main of information was Special Extra: Na- Capture of Moscow 8 poleon’s Biography The Building of a New Bridge Ask Klaudiusz 13 Today, the careful construction of a new bridge began near the Main Square. Inspired by the Code Napoleon, the famous architect Jean- Today’s Weather 18 Philippe Rousseau, after months of careful planning and preparation, started the building of a new bridge named after his wife, Chantal. It is Daily Rumors 24 said that the bridge will be a real beauty and a monument of glory to Napoleon on the face of Paris. The generations will admire it forever, Recommended 31 for they will say it will be the praise of France.