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Nao cong festival in ta van sapa

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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nao cong festival in ta van sapa

  • 1. HANOI TOURIST ONLINE Add: 9 Hàng Thùng – Hoàn Kiếm – Hà Nội Email : info.hanoitouristonline@gmail.com Website: http://www.hanoitouristonline.com================ **************************************** ============= Nao Cong Festival in Ta Van SapaBefore the 1950s, Ta Van had a three-compartment temple which is located by the suspension bridge across to TaVan Giay village. This temple has become the place for celebrating the Nao Cong Festival of people in MuongHoa Valley. Annually, in June of lunar calendar (often the date represents the dragon), ethnic groups of theH’mong, Dao, Giay in Muong Hoa gather together to the Temple to join in the Nao Cong Festival. Each familyassigns a representative, can be man, woman of young or old age to take part in the festival. The festival consistsof three main parts: the god worship ritual, announcement of general regulations of the regions and the last one isdining party.Please contact with us to get the information of tour: TIEN THUY CO.,LT – NEW STAR HOTEL HANOI – HANOI TOURIST ONLINEĐịa chỉ: No 9, Hang Thung street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, VietnamĐiện thoại: (+844) 39343608 * Fax: (+844) 39348502Hotlines: (+84) 914 25 80 53 (Mr Hawk) - (+84) 985 94 51 01 ( Mr Tony)Email: info@newstarhotelhanoi.com * info.hanoitouristonline@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.hanoitouristonline.com * http://www.newstarhotelhanoi.com------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Add: No 9, Hang Thung str, Hoan Kiem dist, HanoiMobile : Mr Hướng ( Tony Hawk ) 0914.258.053 or 0985.945.101Yahoo: hanoitouronline ; Skype : hawkhuongE-mail : info.hanoitouristonline@gmail.com – website: hanoitouristonline.com

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