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Presidential palace historical site

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Presidential palace historical site

  • 1. HANOI TOURIST ONLINE Add: 9 Hàng Thùng – Hoàn Kiếm – Hà Nội Email : info.hanoitouristonline@gmail.com Website: http://www.hanoitouristonline.com================ **************************************** =============Presidential Palace Historical SiteThe Presidential Palace of Vietnam, located in the city of Hanoi, was built between 1900 and 1906 to house the French Governor-Generalof Indochina. It was constructed by Auguste Henri Vildieu, the official French architect for Vietnam. Like most French Colonialarchitecture, the palace is pointedly European- the only visual cues that it is located in Vietnam at all are mango trees growing on thegrounds.When Vietnam achieved independence in 1954, Ho Chi Minh refused to live in the grand structure for symbolic reasons, although he stillreceived state guests there, and he eventually built a traditional Vietnamese stilt house and carp pond on the grounds. Today, Ho ChiMinh’s Mausoleum stands nearby and the Presidential Palace remains part of Hanoi’s cultural core. The palace hosts governmentmeetings. It is not open to the public, although one may walk around the grounds for a fee.Presidential Palace Historical Site (Vietnamese: Khu di tích Phủ Chủ tịch), which is located in Hanoi, Vietnam, is the place where Ho ChiMinh lived and worked in most of his revolutionary life (from December 19, 1954 to September 2, 1969). This site was listed by theMinistry of Culture and Information of Vietnam in 1975.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Add: No 9, Hang Thung str, Hoan Kiem dist, HanoiMobile : Mr Hướng ( Tony Hawk ) 0914.258.053 or 0985.945.101Yahoo: hanoitouronline ; Skype : hawkhuongE-mail : info.hanoitouristonline@gmail.com – website: hanoitouristonline.com

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