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Pressrelease-HealthyCareers UK

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pressrelease-HealthyCareers UK

  • 1. BLG  Healthcare  Executive  Search  Announces  Acquisition  of  HealthyCareers   19  January  2015,  Frankfurt     Frankfurt-­‐based  BLG  Healthcare  Executive  Search,  a  leading  executive  search  consultancy  in  the   fields  of  Medical  Device  &  Diagnostics,  Pharmaceuticals  and  Biotech,  has  acquired  HealthyCareers   BV,  for  an  undisclosed  sum.       HealthyCareers  is  an  Executive  Search  firm  based  in  the  Netherlands  and  shares  the  same  sector   focus  as  BLG,  working  with  large  corporations  and  smaller  high-­‐growth  businesses  across  Benelux.         Thomas  Lieb,  Managing  Partner  and  co-­‐founder  of  BLG  commented:  “The  acquisition  is  consistent   with  our  strategy  of  becoming  one  of  the  top  five  healthcare  executive  search  businesses  in  Europe.   We  were  impressed  by  HealthyCareers’  market  reputation,  management  team  and  client  portfolio.   Their  experience  in  the  strategically-­‐important  Benelux  region  complements  our  strength  in   Germany,  Austria  and  Switzerland  and  we  have  very  similar  cultures  and  values.”       Angelique  Kleemans,  co-­‐founder  and  Director  of  HealthyCareers,  added  that  the  fit  between  the  two   businesses  was  the  main  driver  for  the  partnership:  “BLG’s  strong  research  capability  and   international  profile  will  enable  us  to  extend  the  range  of  high-­‐quality  services  we  offer  our  clients.   We  are  delighted  to  be  joining  forces  with  them,  and  look  forward  to  exciting  growth  opportunities   ahead.”       HealthyCareers  was  founded  in  2011  by  Hans  Tellier,  who  will  be  leaving  the  business  to  focus  on   new  projects.    He  said:  “BLG  is  the  ideal  partner  to  take  HealthyCareers  to  the  next  stage  of  its   development.    I  wish  the  whole  team  the  very  best  for  their  continued  success.”   The  acquisition  was  brokered  by  Breezeholme  Investment  Group,  an  existing  co-­‐investor  in  BLG,  and   an  SME  loan  was  provided  by  Commerzbank.    Pim  van  de  Riet,  CEO  of  Breezeholme  and  Managing   Director  of  BLG,  commented:  “The  demand  for  leadership  and  senior  management  talent  in  the   healthcare  sector  is  outpacing  supply.  With  the  acquisition  of  HealthyCareers,  BLG  will  further   strengthen  its  strategic  position  in  this  growing  market.”           Contact   Thomas  Lieb     Managing  Partner,  BLG       +49  (0)  69  380  78  76  01       Angelique  Kleemans     Business  Director,  HealthyCareers   +31  (0)  6  51  46  55  95   Pim  van  de  Riet     CEO,  Breezeholme  Investment  Group   +44  (0)  7919  566  356     Notes  to  Editors       BLG  is  one  of  Europe’s  leading  specialists  in  Healthcare  Executive  Search.    Founded  by  Thomas  Lieb,   Christian  Maucher  and  Pim  van  de  Riet  in  late  2011,  its  clients  include  Medical  Device  &  Diagnostics,   Pharmaceuticals,  and  Biotech  companies,  ranging  from  global  corporations  to  mid-­‐cap  companies   and  start-­‐ups.    The  company  has  developed  a  particularly  strong  profile  in  Medical  Device  &   Diagnostics.       BLG  works  on  assignments  across  Europe  from  their  headquarters  in  Germany  and  its  offices  in   Switzerland,  Austria  and  (following  the  acquisition  of  HealthyCareers)  Benelux.    Its  clients  are  based   in  Europe,  the  US  and  Asia.    2014  was  an  exceptionally  successful  year,  and  BLG  expanded  its  head   office  to  accommodate  additional  resources.    BLG  continues  to  look  for  opportunities  to  expand  its   European  office  network.    Its  longer-­‐term  strategy  is  to  become  a  highly-­‐focused  healthcare   executive  search  company  with  global  reach.

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