Andrew Wolfe, LMP is the owner and massage therapist of Harmony Licensed MassageTherapy located in Arlingtons health care ...
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Press release radio 42511

Press release on radio talk show "Health Matters" airing on April 25th, 2011 on KRKO 1380 AM at 7:00PM PST.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Andrew Wolfe, LMP is the owner and massage therapist of Harmony Licensed MassageTherapy located in Arlingtons health care district at Smokey Point, Washington. He has aprivate practice in the Cumulus Park Health Care Center serving patients in the northSnohomish County region since 1987. In his profession as a licensed massagepractitioner, he has focused on the rehabilitation and injury aspect of massage therapy. Inthe past he has been a keynote speaker, presenting in Everett Washington at theSnohomish County Medical Assistance Association on medical massage in May of 2009.He is scheduled to be a keynote speaker on Everett Washingtons radio station, KRKO1380 am on April 25 Health Matters, starting at 7:00pm. It will be a show for questionsand answers. There will also be the availability for listeners to call in. The subject ofhealth will be discussed in the topic of medical massage therapy.Andrew Wolfe,LMP brings 24 years of advanced clinical experience and training to theshow, with insight and knowledge surpassing others in his field. He has worked a variedconditions in his private practice ranging from sports and personal injuries such aswhiplash,fibromyalgia,thoracic outlet symdrome,carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitisand other orthopedic conditions. His clarity of massage therapy as a medical modalityhelps uncover any myth in the natural, drug free, non surgical choice that massagetherapy can offer in conjuction or as a primary focus of rehabilitation and recovery fromorthopedic,muscular and skeletal dysfunctions and compliants a patient may beexperiencing. Most patients have sought out referrals issued by their primary or specialityprovider. Some patients come on their own, tired of the drug route and not wantingsurgery .Massage therapy is not just the confinement of the idea of working just on theback and neck. Depending on medical need, most areas of the body can be treated notjust the neck and the back. People dont realize the treatment options that massagetherapy has available to themAndrew Wolfe considers himself, in addition to being a massage therapist, an educator ofhealth and wellness. He has a masters in metaphysics and is certified as a life coach. Hisinspiration is to empower individuals one at a time through personal choice and creatinghealthy options for ones health and well being.For more information on this health care professional please visit Andrew Wolfes website at or call 360-653-4657.

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