Natural Stones for Seattle Flooring
Natural stone flooring is known for its strength, durability and its exquisite look. ...
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Natural Stones For Seattle Flooring

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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Natural Stones for Seattle Flooring Natural stone flooring is known for its strength, durability and its exquisite look. It has been used quite long and you would find it as the flooring material in most old buildings and monuments. Despite this it has not lost its appeal with time and people prefer using this if they are trying to create a luxurious look to the floor. There are certain aspects of natural stone that you should remember if you are thinking of using it for your Seattle flooring. Types of natural stones The rock from which the flooring material is obtained can be classified into three categories – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. The most common example of igneous rock is granite. Limestone and Travertine come from sedimentary rocks, while marble and slates come from metamorphic rocks. In recent years, some replica stones have also been created by some manufacturers, and people are using it for remodeling their existing floor made from some other materials, though they are not as much popular for Seattle flooring as natural stones. High cost Most stones are expensive, though there is a great variation by size and type. Large pieces cost more than the smaller ones, and marble and granite are more expensive than others. However, you should also bear in mind that they are extremely durable and their look does not fade with time; unlike most other flooring materials such as hardwood, bamboo, laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile, cork, rubber. However, while considering this material for your Seattle flooring, you should also keep in mind that they last for a lifetime and their beauty improves with time. Installation It is not a flooring material that you can install by yourself. It is a difficult and intensive job that requires precision. The installation of the floor must be done by expert professionals that you can find if you look around for some flooring or general home improvement contractors in your area or cities around you such as Tacoma, Bellevue or Federal Way in Washington. Maintenance It is quite easy to clean the floor made from stones and it only requires removing dirt and damp mopping the floor at frequent intervals to keep the surface clean and avoid any scratch marks or stains on the surface. To prevent stains, it is essential that all the joints are sealed properly and perfectly. Some stones such as limestone, travertine or marble get damaged by products containing vinegar, lime juice or anything having acidic ingredients and you should be careful in areas where you have these stones installed. Designs and colors The natural stones are available these days in a variety of colors, designs and textures from various manufacturers. You can choose stones having rough edges to impart a natural look to the floor or may even go for tiles made from these stones which are available in various sizes and with cleanly cut edges. You can also create beautiful patterns for your Seattle flooring by using different colored stones. Link Box: Seattle Flooring is Homeshow Daily's specialty. Visit us online or at one of our showrooms to get bids from our pre-screened Flooring contractors.

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