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An important donor from 10 years ago
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Preserving Your History - brochure

Preserving Your History is a program designed to inventory, photograph, and catalogue all donor recognition. The information is categorized in a sort-able spreadsheet that can be uploaded into your donor database management tools.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Preserving Your History - brochure

  • 1. Has this happened to you? An important donor from 10 years ago walks into your building and discovers that the plaque with his name is missing from the wall. He’s not happy, and calls you. And now you have an unhappy donor—one who might not give again. Honorcraft Incorporated can help with our new service called Preserving Your History. We take on this important organizing and recordkeeping, allowing you to focus on more important day-to-day matters. How can Honorcraft make life easier in your development office? You have to keep your donors happy. Simply put, you have a lot to do. Maybe we can help. Honorcraft Incorporated, a leader in the recognition industry, has a new service called Preserving Your History. In a nutshell, we help organize and catalog the information from all your past and present donor recognition. With 292 Page Street, P.O. Box 385 strict attention to detail, we arrange a complete tracking system to make sure you always have Stoughton, MA 02072 vital information about your donors at hand. In Massachusetts: 781.341.0410 This program will also help to satisfy the need to Outside MA, Toll-Free: 800.542.1235 Preserve Our Environment. Our goal in this pro- cess is to re-cycle or refurbish existing plaques, Fax: 781.341.8460 Preserving Your when possible, before replacing or discarding them. To see how we can make your life easier, E-mail: recognition@honorcraft.com History please contact us for a free consultation. Preserving Your History This paper was manufactured using non-polluting wind-generated electricity. It contains 30% post consumer waste fibers and is certified by Green Seal, a nonprofit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment through responsible manufacturing.
  • 2. Could Preserving Your History work for you? Ask yourself these 10 simple questions and find out. 1. Has your organization added a new building or done reconstruction on an existing building? Preserving Your History 2. Have old donor recognition pieces and/or Preserving Your History information been misplaced? Services 3. Do you have an inventory system that tracks Keeping track of your current donors is a your recognition programs? (A method to keep 1. Inventory and catalog the existing donor difficult job. Keeping track of past donors is track of donors, their contributions, photo of recognition plaques, wall displays and any even more difficult. Perhaps recognition pieces their plaque, etc.) other donor recognition that currently exists have been misplaced. Maybe you can’t find the 4. Have you ever had a concerned donor or in your facility. records. It’s possible that information was lost family member of a donor ask about a plaque in the shuffle when a new building was added. that could not be located? 2. Review any available architect’s plans for Are there new people in your department with 5. Do you have an area in your facility where old interior and exterior areas after renovation no connection to the past? recognition pieces are stored? and expansions are complete. 6. Do you have old cast bronze tablets/plaques that need to be refurbished? 3. Review your Foundation’s guidelines for Whatever the problem, the result can be an 7. Has your development department undergone types and locations of donor recognition – unhappy donor. And that, of course, affects a reorganization? e.g. campaign displays, annual/cumulative future gifts. 8. Is there any chance that your organization displays, and individual room and area may have lost revenue because the history of plaques. giving was not preserved? 9. Could an individual who made a contribution 4. Provide concepts for future donor recognition. 20 years ago still find his/her recognition? 10. Do you have the staff to set up a complete 5. Create an implementation schedule for tracking system that captures the past and plans creating new donor recognition products. for future donations to your organization? 6. Develop plans for inclusion of existing Please allow us to analyze your recognition, past, present donor names in future plaques and and future, and perhaps introduce you to methods that Honorcraft Incorporated can relieve the displays. will save you time and increase your contributions. burden of many of these issues. Our new service called Preserving Your History, works hand in For a free consultation please contact us at: 7. Provide recommendations on creating hand with your development office to organize individual presentation pieces recognizing and catalog existing donor recognition plaques. different giving levels from past and for While you focus on fundraising, we focus on the future donors. In Massachusetts: 781.341.0410 necessary but cumbersome details behind your Outside MA, Toll-Free: 800.542.1235 fundraising. E-mail: recognition@honorcraft.com 8. Write a proposal with estimated project costs.

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