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Press Release - UWS visit to IEC

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press Release - UWS visit to IEC

  • 1. Press ReleaseIEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS & UNIVERSITY OF SCOTLAND—“JOINT DELIVERY of B-SCHOOL programs for Indian Students”14th February 2013, 11am, Greater NoidaDr Naveen Gupta said, The program offers best of two worlds, since students enjoy the globalcurriculum, small batches in each classroom, personal attention from faculty of IEC andprofessors to come and teach from ENU. Learning, teaching and assessment methods focus onproviding students with engaging contemporary methods which link theory to practice andrequire them to take a critical perspective on both. The students enrolling on to this program willhave a cutting edge for the students to be a part of the elite’ workforce. This program is alreadybeing delivered in China, Singapore, Hongkong and Taiwan.Our Faculty and Professors are dedicated to providing high quality education in a vibrant andsupportive learning environment. The department undertakes training and consultancy servicesto a wide range of public and private sector organizations.Dr Gupta said, “What the UWS Executive MBA does is offer high ranking employees ofIndustry and business the skills, tools, and confidence they need to take on directorial positionsin their companies”.The programs will provide client centered executive programs that equip managers andorganizations to boost their performance. The joint expertise of the two Institutions will alignwith the practical and commercially viable solutions of the INDUSTRY and real worldchallenges. This will help the students to understand the timescales, requirements, and thelanguage of the business.Taking lead on to the discussion the Dr Kulneet Suri, Head-International Operations “Werecognize the relevance of partnerships with employers for the design of curricula and thesubsequent employability of our students, so we have developed close-links with theOrganizations relevant to subject-areas. As of now the partnership is being explored for BALeadership and Management Program and Executive Masters Business Administration program”The Group CEO, Dr Naveen Gupta said, “The visit concluded at a very positive note with theUWS and IEC deciding to venture forth more collaborative arrangements in the fields ofEngineering and ManagementCopyright@ Dr Kulneet Suri, International Operations Department, 14th February 2013, (12pm) IECGroup of Institutions, Greater Noida, INDIA