Rajiv NarianiYork University Libraries  Toronto, Canada LILAC 2011 18th April 2011 rajivn...
Overview Understanding research within our subject  areas  Science Technology & Medicine databases Helping graduate s...
Understanding research in our subject areas Understand and  Open Access  highlight univ...
Web of Science (WoS) Affiliation and departmental searching Papers acknowledging grant funding Analysis  featureScopus ...
Search fields in Web of Science  Address field  Funding Agency Conduct your search Create Real Simple Syndic...
Research from School of Kinesiology, Vision Research & Psychology using Addressfield in Web of Science (WoS)
Include relevant departments: WoS Grant Funded Research
Analyze your results
Create RSS Feeds: Scopus & Web of Science
Delicious: Capture Research Facets
LibGuides: Customized display
NetVibes: Display Research Activities Open to All
How does all this help? Top journals where our researchers are publishing  Accreditation of our graduate programs Awar...
Support Journal of Vision? Scopus & Web of Sciencedata using Affiliation search
FSE Research Officer: Scopus RSS Feeds on Faculty of Science & Engineering page
For Graduate students Following latest papers  indexed in PubMed,  Scopus & Web of Science using innovative  features ...
Graduate students Research Portal Open to All
Did it help us? Constant influx of students who need help  with literature review Students appreciate the RSS feature a...
Papers with Faculty & PhD students
York University Libraries: Open Access Publishing
Open Access to Research: Engaging FacultyData from RSS feeds of STM databases & OA publisher websites
SWOT  Strengths   Use STM databases & technology tools to benefit our work  and liaison  role Weakness  Not enoug...
Nariani - Enticing Graduate Students and Faculty Members: Librarians Creating Research Webs
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Nariani - Enticing Graduate Students and Faculty Members: Librarians Creating Research Webs

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nariani - Enticing Graduate Students and Faculty Members: Librarians Creating Research Webs

  • 1. Rajiv NarianiYork University Libraries  Toronto, Canada LILAC 2011 18th April 2011 rajivn@yorku.ca
  • 2. Overview Understanding research within our subject  areas  Science Technology & Medicine databases Helping graduate students in keeping up  with current research  Customized searches  Setting up public profiles Supporting Open Access Publishing  Helping faculty members and students  understand the OA landscape Future
  • 3. Understanding research in our subject areas Understand and  Open Access  highlight university  Publishing ‐ research ‐ Sci Tech Med  Databases, Publisher  databases: websites, Citations:  HealthLibDelicious ,  NetVibes_OA_Cite,  LibGuides,  LibGuides NetVibes_YUR Research web:  PubMed Central  Canada: CIHR  Librarians Policy for OA to  Research Research  Newsletter.  Graduate students &  Collection  PubMed ‐ Customized  Development: searches:  SteacieLib Delicious NetVibes_Grad  LibGuides Students
  • 4. Web of Science (WoS) Affiliation and departmental searching Papers acknowledging grant funding Analysis  featureScopus  Tracking Open Access publications  Good for citation analysis  Affiliation / department specific papers – RSS  feeds more durable than WoSPubMed  Kinesiology Graduate students
  • 5. Search fields in Web of Science  Address field  Funding Agency Conduct your search Create Real Simple Syndication (RSS)  feeds Display them  Analyze!
  • 6. Research from School of Kinesiology, Vision Research & Psychology using Addressfield in Web of Science (WoS)
  • 7. Include relevant departments: WoS Grant Funded Research
  • 8. Analyze your results
  • 9. Create RSS Feeds: Scopus & Web of Science
  • 10. Delicious: Capture Research Facets
  • 11. LibGuides: Customized display
  • 12. NetVibes: Display Research Activities Open to All
  • 13. How does all this help? Top journals where our researchers are publishing  Accreditation of our graduate programs Aware of emerging research areas  Collection development Support for OA publishers  Data analysis Informed us about funded research  Implications for Research Officers Publicized these tools  More engagement with faculty and students  More IL classes
  • 14. Support Journal of Vision? Scopus & Web of Sciencedata using Affiliation search
  • 15. FSE Research Officer: Scopus RSS Feeds on Faculty of Science & Engineering page
  • 16. For Graduate students Following latest papers  indexed in PubMed,  Scopus & Web of Science using innovative  features  MeSH (Medical Subject Heading) in PubMed  + Customized feeds  Means to highlight their teaching and  learning activities  Citation Management Programs e.g.  Mendeley,  Academia.edu, ResearcherID, WizFolio
  • 17. Graduate students Research Portal Open to All
  • 18. Did it help us? Constant influx of students who need help  with literature review Students appreciate the RSS feature and  want librarians to create feeds for their topics Students come often and ask questions  related to:  Citation Management Programs   Setting up public profiles to display teaching &  learning activities  Library support  (Article Processing Charges) for  publishing in OA journals
  • 19. Papers with Faculty & PhD students
  • 20. York University Libraries: Open Access Publishing
  • 21. Open Access to Research: Engaging FacultyData from RSS feeds of STM databases & OA publisher websites
  • 22. SWOT  Strengths   Use STM databases & technology tools to benefit our work  and liaison  role Weakness  Not enough promotion  Comprehensiveness of databases/searches?  Analytics of free tools? Usage & statistics Opportunities  Means to understand departmental research  Liaison with Research Officers  ‐ Bibliometrics  Customized portal for graduate students: LibGuides Threats  Permanence of free technology tools