NASKAMNASKAM successfully protects Critical Infrastructure, Government Buildings and HighRisk Assets using Videofied techn...
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Nascam testimony

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. NASKAMNASKAM successfully protects Critical Infrastructure, Government Buildings and HighRisk Assets using Videofied technologies. Having developed a long standingrelationship with police, NASKAM reports overwhelmingly significant result of 12 knownarrests in the past 6 months using Videofied.NASKAM Security on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast isone of the first Australian Monitoring Stations to pioneerprofessional monitoring of the Videofied technologies.Offering Video Alarm Verification using VideofiedTechnology, NASKAM has shown first hand theeffectiveness of video alarm verification of intrusions andhas further developed their long standing and positiverelationship with local police. Having tested the productNASKAM has now deployed and is monitoring Videofiedproducts across various states around the country withCritical Infrastructure, Government Buildings and HighRisk Assets topping the list of protected sites.In the past 6 months alone, NASKAM has had more than 12 arrests or apprehensions by statebased Police and security services due to the deployment of Videofied. On one such occasionVideofied led to the apprehension of several youths breaking into a Local Government facilitywhich had been previously targeted. NASKAM deployed the Videofied product and within only afew days Video Verification of an Intrusion from Videofied resulted in a rapid response by localpolice. Within minutes Police arrived onsite to arrest the offender/s whilst they were still in theprocess of committing the offence.Chad Wright, NASKAM Security’s General Manager said “For the past 5 years we have beenproviding Live Video Monitoring Services across the country and when we were introduced toVideofied we were excited to complement those services with an Alarm Based VideoVerification Product that was both cost effective and easy to install. As an added bonusVideofied provided the ability to deploy the product completely wirelessly with better coverageand penetration than just about any other wireless security product. We tested the productextensively and it proved reliable which has resulted in our Control Room monitoring nearly 100Videofied sites already in just a short period of time. In the right location and when installedcorrectly, Videofied has proved extremely successful, it has been well received by the PoliceService and the ability to confirm and report Crimes in Progress has greatly enhanced ourreputation and quality of services available.” Naskam Security 5 Production Ave Kawana Waters Qld 4575 1300627526

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