Presidential Personality
What kind of U. S. president would you be?
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Bill Clinton
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Presidential Personality

This infographic details the world’s most scientific data on the personalities of the U.S. presidents. By compiling their personality data and making a scientific personality test, it is now possible to take a simple personality test and get a science-based estimate of which kind of president you would be, as well as which policies you would favor in office. If you’ve ever seen the president on TV and thought to yourself that you could be a better president, this is the place to start. So drop by in order to see what kind of president you could be. Source:
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Presidential Personality What kind of U. S. president would you be? The People Persons Bill Clinton Extroverted, Wa rm—hearted Ronald Reagan Warm-hearted, idealistic John F. Kennedy Excitement-seeking, Impulsive George Bush Junior Traditional, Spontaneous The Maintainers @ Harry Truman Traditional, Warm-hearted @ George Bush Senior Traditional, Cautious Dwight D. Eisenhower Thorough, Cautious George Washington Traditional, Thorough Calvin Coolidge introverted, Thorough 3 Grover Cleveland Traditional, Sincere The Innocents Gerald Ford Modest, Tender-minded Jimmy Carter Tender-minded, Thorough Ulysses S. Grant introverted, Modest Sources: Personality, Character, and ‘ www. ce| ebritytypes. com Two Ph. D.s in psychology tracked down the world's leading experts on the U. S. presidents. They then asked the experts to fill out the most scientific personality test known to man "as if" they were each of the presidents. They combined all the data from the independent experts into one big model. This is what they found: The Dominators Richard Nixon introverted, Unstable Lyndon B. Johnson Excitement-seeking, Unstable James K. Polk Hostile, Thorough Andrew Johnson Thorough, Stubborn The intellectuals Thomas Jefferson Contemplative, idealistic Abraham Lincoln Pragmatic, idealistic Wood row Wilson introverted, idealistic @l Barack Obama Contemplative, Pragmatic James Madison Contemplative, Thorough fll John Adams Contemplative, Unstable The Dauntless Theodore Roosevelt Extroverted, Impulsive Franklin D. Roosevelt Optimistic, Tough-minded Andrew Jackson Extroverted, Excitement-seeking Lealder‘ship"in the White House; ‘ -“ ~‘‘ _i T

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