Narrow Aisle Lift TruckSAFETY AND PRODUCTIVITY:lregenerative brake system.l Adjustable driving speed. 4 levels, from 3km t...
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Narrow aisle lift truck cdd15 c

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Narrow Aisle Lift TruckSAFETY AND PRODUCTIVITY:lregenerative brake system.l Adjustable driving speed. 4 levels, from 3km to 10km.l EPS (electric power steering ) system makes steering operation easily, flexibly andmore safely.l Finger-tip control via joystick: driving speed (4 levels), lifting & lowering speed ,opening/closing stabilizer.l Stabilizers (at certain lifting height) which can work manually or automaticallyenhance stability and safety when stacking cargo.l Applicable in double pallets function while forks are lifting up.l Built-in pressure relief valve protects truck from overloading.l Multi-function display: battery state, working hour meter, fault status, driving speed (4levels), angel indicator of rear steering wheel, etc.l Low placed battery offers lower center of gravity and better stability. Battery capacityup to 400Ah.l Side battery with roll-out system is very convenient to replace batteries.l Damping cushion for low-noise operation.l Emergency power disconnect.STRUCTURAL:l Compact truck with "Heavy duty" constructed.l Low center of gravity ensures stability.l Wide view masts with clear visibility.l Masts are detachable from truck frame and with good interchangeability.l Low step and sensitive dead-man pedal offers comfortable operation.l Narrower overhead guard towards front, to ensure less possibility to get "hooked" intosomething.l Availability of 360 degree steering offers smallest turning radius 1800mm.l Adjustable steering wheel and arm support give driver the most comfortable feeling.l Drive wheel and balanced wheel are combined together to ensure stability.Advanced AC control system eliminating the motor brushes, with IntelligentizedAdvantages:MODEL CDD15Celectricstanding1500600745154019601750/17101430/530Polyurethaneφ250x100φ80x70φ150x471x+2/46113902022/2182/23821570/1740/19404500/5000/56005020/5520/6120120902090102097060/180/1070(150)57022558017~1372650261018008.5/100-0.11/0-0.160-0.30/0-0.148/15Electromagnetic24/400330675x254x76070Q(kg)c(mm)x(mm)y(mm)kgkgb (mm)10b (mm)11h (mm)1h (mm)3h (mm)4h (mm)5l (mm)1l (mm)2b /b (mm)1 2s/e/l(mm)b (mm)5m (mm)2A (mm)stA (mm)stW (mm)aKm/hm/sm/s%V/AhkgmmdB(A)h (mm)2kgl (mm)13m (mm)1h (mm)6mmmmmmBattery voltage,nominal capacity K5DriveOperator typeLoad capacity/rated loadLoad centre distanceLoad distance, centre of drive axle to forkWheelbaseService weight (with battery)Axle loading, laden front/rearAxle loading, unladen front/rearTyresTyre size, frontTyre size rearAdditional wheels(dimensions)Wheels, number front rear(x=driven wheels)Tread, frontTread, rearHeight, mast loweredFree liftMax. lift heightHeight, mast extendedInitial liftHeight, loweredOverall lengthLength to face of forksOverall widthFork dimensionsDistance between fork-armsHeight of overhead guard(cabin)Ground clearance, laden, below mastGround clearance, centre of wheelbaseAisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysAisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwaysTurning radiusTravel speed, laden/unladenLift speed, laden/unladenLowering speed, laden/unladenGradeability, laden/unladenService brakeBattery weightBattery dimensions l/w/hSound level at the drivers ear DIN 12053Multi-function display Finger-tip joystick andadjustable arm supportManual or automaticstabilizers switchSERVICE ABILITY:l The low voltage protection system prolongs batterylife.l CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity andincreases reliability and service friendly.l Improved battery plug system makes battery to beconnected/disconnected for charging more easily.StabilizersSide-way BatteryACEPSModel: CDD15C12003300mm4500mm5000mm5600mm

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