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Sustainable House

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. J Michael Kilpatick, AIA Garden Roof House 1. LIVING ROOM 2. DINING ROOM 3. KITCHEN 4. BEDROOM / DEN/ OFFICE 5. BEDROOM 6. HALL 7. BATHROOM 8. UTILITY ROOM 9. CARPORT 10. BATHROOM 11. BEDROOM a. Closet b. Washer / Dryer c. Counter top & cabinets d. Under-counter Freezer e. Under-counter Refrigerator f. Dishwasher g. Range with oven below h. Composting Toilet i. Compost Pit with access door j. Prefabricated greenhouse k. Rainwater barrel. m. Plants in trays. n. Recycled glass composite vertical bi-fold wall panels. o. HIB – Element Okolex 300 with plaster Summary Composting Toilets (h) dump directly into a composting unit located below in Utility Room. A Compost Pit A Rainwater barrel with a spigot occurs at the bottom to provide water for plants in the yard and The house enjoys an orientation that allows the southern exposure to provide ample natural light to all (i) with access door to Utility Room occurs next to Toilet composting unit. greenhouses. An over flow spigot occurs at the top and directs the water to the planters. of the living spaces. The southern exposures provides the easiest control of sunlight where shading devices can block the sun in summer without restricting the view and allow the sun into the space The Prefabricated Greenhouse (j) consists of vertical bi-fold doors, two retractable canvas shades, and Plants in trays (m) occur on the roof. These can be progressively added as funds become available. The during the cold months. The narrowness of the house lets the natural light completely fill the spaces plant cart on wheels. The sloped glass roof holds retractable canvas shades. One shade is white to trays interlock to stay in place and installation of cables periodically located will add addition stability and allows breezes to sweep across the rooms easily. This includes the bathrooms, which not only get reflect the sun in the summer and the second shade is black to absorb heat in winter. Raised planting where high winds occur. the sunlight to discourage mold and provide warmth, but also allows natural ventilation, thus carts allow the sun to reach the masonry floor. The masonry floor will hold heat and interior windows reducing the need for ventilation fans. can open to allow the heat to enter house in the winter. During the summer, the plants and shades Recycled glass composite vertical bi-fold wall panels (n) allow the bedrooms to expand to on room or will shade the masonry. The vertical bi-fold doors can be open or removed during the summer. When become a part of the public space In the kitchen and hallway, the counter tops (c) with cabinets below and above consist of panels made raised, they fasten in place in a triangular position to provide a strong structure to resist high winds. from 100% recycled glass. Under-counter Freezer (d) and refrigerator (e) provide more counter space for compact Kitchen.

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