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Press release skarab - ruskin house 22.07.09

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release skarab - ruskin house 22.07.09

  • 1. PRESS  RELEASE     Issued:  22/07/09   For  immediate  release.     One  Giant  Leap...  –  Celebration,  art  and  culture  to  mark  the  40th  anniversary  of  the  moon   landing   Croydon is never short of things to do, and this was something that the organizers of One Giant Leap, had in mind when planning this completely unique event at Ruskin House. One Giant Leap was a celebration of the culture and history behind the Moon Landing and masterminded by an unusual team; l mental health nurse, a guitar teacher and an astrophysics professor. The event was organized to bring some much needed funds into Ruskin House, one of Croydon’s historical landmarks, and once again under threat of being sold off by the Labour party. The event featured a free Chinese buffet cooked by a guest actor who has had roles in productions such as Little Britain and the Fifth Element [and incidentally, also an excellent chef] There were also celestial artwork exhibits from local artists, including Katie Allen, a second year art undergraduate from Selsdon who has already had a commission to provide a children’s book on the Moon Landing. Later on there was also a live jam by members of Skarab, featuring walls of spacious sound and strange musical effects. Throughout the night a regular stream of music from the Apollo Years; 68-72 [all moon related of course], was set to looped projections of footage from the era, hypnotically flashing across the wall of the venue. There were informal educational talks about space exploration, and the search for extra terrestrials from a Royal Observatory Professor of astrophysics, to ensure the event was just a little bit informative as well as entertaining. Patrons came to experience a blast from the past, and to enjoy the comfortable surroundings and good company. And, unlike the moon there was plenty of atmosphere....
  • 2.   ##Ends##       Notes  to  editors   1.  Press  Inquiries  -­‐  Jack  Oughton–  07804  844362  ,   2.  The  Skarab  Project  is  also  a  band  that  recently  played  the  Croydon  Clocktower  for  Testing   123.   3.  Upon  request,  additional  photography  is  available  from  the  night.

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