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Body & Soul and Enhance Fitness poster

Body & Soul: Living on Through Love and Enhance Fitness poster for conference display
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Body & Soul and Enhance Fitness poster

  • 1. HEALTH PROMOTION IN THE FAITH BASED COMMUNITY �� ���������� �� ���� ���� �� �� ��� �� �� � Body and Soul: Living on through Love EnhanceFitness ® Nancy Goodwin, MPA Kristie Lewis, MSW INTRODUCTION BODY & SOUL: LIVING ON THROUGH LOVE ENHANCEFITNESS® OUTCOMES The African American church has and remains an important Body and Soul: Living on Through Love is a program Enhance Fitness®(EF) is an evidence-based physical activity The Body & Soul: Living on Through Love Program is source of information and dialogue to the community. designed to raise awareness of the Michigan Organ Donor program designed for older adults currently in the initial research phase. As a result Churches provide its congregation with a wealth of knowledge Registry by targeting African Americans in church settings. (All age groups welcome) data will not be available until the completion of this and support; emotionally, financially, politically and of course •Accommodates all levels of fitness program in the next year. Although we are able to report spiritually. This historically developed platform of trust Our goal: •Certified instructors implement the program, using that 23 Metro-Detroit churches are enrolled and 115 church and influence provide a grassroots connection to discuss the •To increase the number of actual registrations on the standardized protocols members have been trained in administering Body and Soul importance of healthy lifestyle. The issue of chronic disease is Michigan Organ Donor Registry. •One-hour physical activity program three times a week to there congregation, data will be shared at a later date as it is among the most challenging health issues of our time and the •Focus is on cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, submitted and analyzed. church serves as an excellent place to deliver effective health •To increase knowledge in the church community of healthy flexibility and balance training messages regarding good nutrition and exercise that can greatly lifestyle options. •Class options accommodate all levels of fitness EnhanceFitness® as administered by NKFM currently serves impact disease prevention. Level I – standing version the Southeast Michigan area. Our three church locations Level II – seated/modified exercises for more frail adults have registered over 100 participants, while averaging over 300 at risk for falls (non-registered participants) drop-in visits to daily classes over •Can be tailored for specific chronic diseases, e.g. arthritis and the last three months. diabetes ������������� •Free classes open to the public began in Sept. 2008 More detailed data is available upon request. ���������� ����������� Currently 3 Metro-Detroit area church programs •International Gospel Center – Ecorse •Church of the Messiah – Detroit •St. Matthew & St. Joseph Episcopal Church - Detroit NKFM MISSION LAY HEALTH EDUCATION THE EF EXPERIENCE CONCLUSIONS The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s (NKFM) Churches participating with The Body and Soul: Living on EnhanceFitness® standard class format: Body & Soul: Living on Through Love and EnhanceFitness® mission is to prevent kidney disease and improve the quality of Through Love program will train 5 members to become lay •Warm-up (5-8 minutes) are prevention/education programs that look to improve the life for those living with it. health advisors who conduct presentations, answer questions •Cardiovascular workout (20 minutes) outcomes of people with diabetes, hypertension and other and conduct social marketing campaigns on health topics. A •Instructor determines intensity of workout based on chronic health challenges; while bringing awareness to organ •The NKFM provides community-based prevention programs baseline survey is administered to parishioners and at the end participant ability donation. that focus on diabetes, hypertension and chronic kidney of a 1 year cycle participants complete a follow-up survey to •Cool-down (3-5 minutes) disease (CKD). measure any change in opinion on health topics. •Resistance strength training (20 minutes) These programs are examples of NKFM’s commitment •Utilizing 5 – 10lb adjustable weights to developing and implementing culturally appropriate •The NKFM also provides patient and professional education The Training: •Flexibility (8-10 minutes) programs that strive to increase the number of people that and services regarding CKD. Participants attend a 5 hour training session •Balance training included in warm-up and cool-down learn to successfully manage their health condition on a Training focus: •Music typically provided by instructor daily basis and respond to the issue of organ donation in the •The NKFM uses its proven expertise in training lay health •Hypertension •Nutrition •EF participants’ level of functional fitness measurements African American community. advisors and community partner collaborations to implement •Diabetes •Physical Activity •Baseline and follow-up performance measures programs targeting individuals who are most at risk of kidney •Chronic Kidney Disease •Public Speaking Tips •Participant and program level outcome data collected, disease. •Organ Donation •Program Implementation analyzed, distributed COMMUNITY COLLABORATIONS AND SOCIAL MARKETING THE EF CHURCH FAMILY ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS PARTNERSHIPS •Another aspect of training involves the social marketing •The Southern Baptist Convention Health Ministries The ability to establish, develop and sustain personal campaign. This mode of marketing highlights the need for relationships has been instrumental in the growth and •EnhanceFitness® team of instructors African American donors through the use of personal success •Project Enhance development of both Body and Soul and the EnhanceFitness stories, introducing participants to the Michigan Organ Donor programs. Some key community partners have included: Registry. Body & Soul: Living on Through Love is funded by Health Re- •Omnicare Health Plan, Health Alliance Plan sources and Services Administration, Division of Transplanta- •After training each church participates in a year long tion, grant number D71HSO8574 •Henry Ford Health Systems, Detroit Medical Center campaign, using social marketing techniques to educate their •The University of Michigan congregation on the need for parishioners to lead healthy For more information please contact: •Gift of Life Michigan lifestyles and the need for everyone to register with the Nancy Goodwin, MPA •American Cancer Society Michigan Organ Donor registry. National Kidney Foundation of Michigan Detroit Branch Office | 1900 E Jefferson Ave | Suite 222 | Detroit, MI 48207 313-259-1574 Kristie Lewis, MSW National Kidney Foundation of Michigan State Office | 1169 Oak Valley Drive | Ann Arbor, MI 48108 734-222-9800 WWW.NKFM.ORG

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