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County Commissioner
March 10, 2015 Prospect, PA
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Candidate Annoucement

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Candidate Annoucement

  • 1. Paid for by the Candidate. JAMES BUTLER County Commissioner ELECT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 10, 2015 Prospect, PA Dark horse vies for Butler County Commissioner James Butler, the Mayor of Prospect Borough, rounds out the candidate pool of Republicans running for Butler County Commissioner. No surprise he is a fiscal conservative who believes in practicing efficient and effective government. Butler states that "the exceptional candidate must go beyond being a custodian of the people's assets and seize the opportunity to think bigger and do more. It is imperative that the commissioners lend their influence to bolster the creative leadership in the public and private sectors and in the corps of volunteers already serving the citizenry." He considers it the duty of the county commissioners to play a pivotal role in facilitating informal regional alliances through which ideas can be generated and tested, resources can be pooled, and best practices shared. The vision he conveys for the future maintains the character of our community and preserves our agricultural resources, while at the same time creating an infrastructure that will attract economic investment. During his tenure as Mayor, Mr. Butler witnessed how often local municipalities grapple with the same needs, deal with the same issues, and struggle to find cost-effective solutions. He believes the commissioners are in the unique position to increase the opportunities for collaboration between the parties that are critical to our economic growth. A resident of Butler County since 1982, Mr. Butler, who is 55, has not only lived and worked in the region – he has also served as Prospect Borough's Mayor for 13 years. As a public servant, Mayor Butler coordinated efforts between local and state officials, engineers, financiers, and attorneys to resolve infrastructure issues pertinent to the municipality. In his capacity as chief law enforcement officer he has been exposed to critical public safety issues and to the expectations voiced by the community. Throughout his career in the private sector he has successfully led large-scale projects, directed staff, managed contractors, and been accountable for delivering results on-time and within budget. These experiences have "equipped me with the skills vital to generating public awareness, increasing company revenues, and securing private investment," Butler said. Mr. Butler considers leading-by-example, active listening, and envisioning the potential in opportunities as essential traits for a commissioner. He asks for your vote on May 19th "if we are to be successful in our quest to mold Butler County as the best place to live, work, and play". ### Contact: Angela Llamas Butler Phone: 412.370.5695 Email: –

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