Profit|OptimizerSME Risk Management<br />
Agenda<br /><ul><li>About Sum2
Market Events and Drivers
Profit|Optimizer Overview
Risk Management Process
Product Demonstration
Questions and Answers</li></li></ul><li>About Sum2<br /><ul><li>Sum2 is dedicated to delivering sound practice product sol...
Founded 2002</li></li></ul><li>Sum2 Products<br /><ul><li>SME 360° Product Series
IRS Audit Risk Program
S3 SME Seismograph
SME Check List
Risk Management Webinars
ISP BI Channel Services
PACO™ AML Products for Financial Institutions</li></li></ul><li>Sum2 Partners<br /><ul><li>Fidelity Information Services
Identity Verification
Experian Credit Reporting
Credit Reporting Products
Telekurs Financial
Securities Information
SME Financial Health Assessments
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Profit | Optimizer Product Overview

The Profit|Optimizer is a risk management and opportunity discovery tool for small and mid-sized businesses (SME).
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Profit | Optimizer Product Overview

  • 1. Profit|OptimizerSME Risk Management<br />
  • 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li>About Sum2
  • 3. Market Events and Drivers
  • 4. Profit|Optimizer Overview
  • 5. Risk Management Process
  • 6. Product Demonstration
  • 7. Questions and Answers</li></li></ul><li>About Sum2<br /><ul><li>Sum2 is dedicated to delivering sound practice product solutions to small and midsize enterprises (SME) that address risk management, corporate governance, shareholder communication and regulatory compliance.
  • 8. Founded 2002</li></li></ul><li>Sum2 Products<br /><ul><li>SME 360° Product Series
  • 9. Profit|Optimizer
  • 10. IRS Audit Risk Program
  • 11. S3 SME Seismograph
  • 12. SME Check List
  • 13. Risk Management Webinars
  • 14. ISP BI Channel Services
  • 15. PACO™ AML Products for Financial Institutions</li></li></ul><li>Sum2 Partners<br /><ul><li>Fidelity Information Services
  • 16. Identity Verification
  • 17. Experian Credit Reporting
  • 18. Credit Reporting Products
  • 19. Telekurs Financial
  • 20. Securities Information
  • 21. CreditAides
  • 22. SME Financial Health Assessments
  • 23. Cervalis
  • 24. COLO and Business Continuity Services</li></li></ul><li>Clients andDistributors<br />
  • 25. Business and Market Challenges for SME’s<br /><ul><li>Recession/Recovery
  • 26. Inflation/Deflation
  • 27. FX Volatility
  • 28. Valuation/Earnings
  • 29. Real Estate/Capital Markets
  • 30. Taxes, Sales, Trade
  • 31. Yield Curves & Equities
  • 32. Capacity/Inventories
  • 33. Credit & Capital</li></li></ul><li>Impact on SME’s <br /><ul><li>Consumer Spending
  • 34. B2B Cyclical
  • 35. Cost of Capital
  • 36. Credit Crunch
  • 37. Supply Chain
  • 38. Globalization
  • 39. Hyper-Competition
  • 40. Segment Softness
  • 41. Market Realignments</li></li></ul><li>Profit|OptimizerRisk Reward Assessment<br /> The Profit|Optimizer provides frameworks for business managers to conduct a self assessment of operational and market risk factors and initiate actions to mitigate and manage threats and seize business opportunities.<br />
  • 42. Profit|OptimizerAssessment Process<br />Financial Health Assessment<br />Critical Success Factors<br />Business Plan<br />Macro Risk Factors<br />ROI Calculation<br />Capital / Credit<br />Raise<br />Enterprise Risk Aggregation<br />Implementation<br />Product<br /> Markets Dynamics<br />Business Functions<br />Capital Allocation Decisions<br />Financial Health Assessment<br />
  • 43. SME Industry Service ProvidersChannel Applications<br />User Generated <br />Business Intelligence<br />ISP/Associations<br />Product Marketing<br />Demand Aggregation<br />Capital & Credit<br />Capacity Utilization<br />Hedging <br />Psychographics/IAO<br />
  • 44. SME Risk Management <br />Secure Credit/Raise Capital<br />Informed Capital Allocation<br />Performance Measurement <br />Forge Management Team <br />Build Equity Valuation<br />Business Intelligence<br />Product Discovery<br />GRC Program<br />
  • 45. Raise CapitalSecure Credit<br /><ul><li>Transparency
  • 46. Able Management
  • 47. Critical Assessment
  • 48. Known Risk Factors
  • 49. Business Model Confidence
  • 50. Lender/Shareholder Confidence </li></li></ul><li>Business Performance Management<br /><ul><li>Optimal Capital Allocations
  • 51. Prioritizing & Planning
  • 52. Capability & Operations
  • 53. Align Strategy & Risk Appetite
  • 54. Board Communication
  • 55. Market & Competition
  • 56. Risk Aware Culture</li></li></ul><li>Profit|OptimizerProduct Features<br />
  • 57. Product FeaturesPerformance Dashboards<br />
  • 58. IARP/CARPCorporate Tax Audit Risk<br />
  • 59. Adoption Frameworks Creating Value<br /><ul><li>Set and Realize Corporate Goals
  • 60. Cohesive Management Team
  • 61. Employee Communication
  • 62. Detect and Manage Risk
  • 63. New Products & Markets
  • 64. Brand Distinction
  • 65. Capital Leakage</li></li></ul><li>Adoption Frameworks Creating Value<br /><ul><li>Improved Capital Allocation
  • 66. Shareholder Communication
  • 67. Prioritize, Monetize and Visualize
  • 68. Monitor Manager Effectiveness
  • 69. High Performance Business Plan
  • 70. Effective Corporate Governance
  • 71. Improve Banking Relationships
  • 72. Improve Credit Score </li></li></ul><li>360° View of Risk Clear Vista of Opportunities<br />Template 1: Market and Competition Assessment <br />Template 2.1: Product Service Grouping, Customers <br />Template 2.2: Product Service Grouping, Suppliers <br />Template 2.3: Product Service Grouping, Competition <br />Template 2.4: Product Service Grouping, Market Dynamics <br />Template 3.1: General Management <br />Template 3.2: Sales/ Marketing Management <br />Template 3.3: Operations and Production Management <br />Template 3.4: Facilities Management <br />Template 3.5: Financial Management <br />Template 3.6: Planning and Information Management <br />Template 3.7: People and Human Resource Management <br />Template 4: Financial Ratios <br />Template 5: Business and Financial Plan Assessment <br />Template 6: Scoring Specific Critical Success Factors <br />Template 7: Scoring Generic Critical Success Factors <br />Template 8: SWOT Analysis <br />Template 9: STEEPLE Analysis<br />Template 10: Macroeconomic Event Risk <br />
  • 73. Contact Details<br />James McCallum<br />President <br />PO Box 665<br />Oakland, NJ 07436<br />973.287.7535<br />E-mail :<br />Blog: sum2llc blog<br />Website:<br />Thank You for Your Interest<br />
  • 74. Sum2 is dedicated to the commercial promotion of sound practices. Sum2’s objective is to assist businesses to implement corporate sound practices that add exponential value for shareholders, employees, clients and to the communities in which they operate and serve.<br /> Sum2 identifies its core competency to be the creative application of sound practice principles to the industries and businesses that we serve. Sum2’s SMB 360 is a clear example of this creative application of sound practices to an industry need. Sum2 is dedicated to corporate responsibility, ethical business practices, customer service excellence and delivering to our clients a unique and essential value proposition. We uphold these values in all our work and continually strive to deliver on the commitments that we make to our clients. <br /> All products marketed by Sum2 are focused on risk management and GRC program implementation. We look to creatively package and bundle solution suites that address targeted client and industry market segment requirements. All product marketing activities and business development initiatives are guided by and conform to a clearly identified industrial application of sound practices.<br /> We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you about our products and how we can improve it.<br />PO Box 665 <br />Oakland, New Jersey 07436<br />973.287.7535<br /><br /><br />

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