Education Committee News: 1/2015Education Committee News: 1/2015
Connie Pollex
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Who: Massimo VolpeWho: Massimo Volpe
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In case you missed it, back in Sep-
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Education Committee News: 1/2015Education Committee News: 1/2015 CHAIR: Connie Pollex RockTenn Merchandising Display 908.623.6169 CO-CHAIR: Nicki Albrecht VIDPro, Inc 416.209.0993 MEMBERS: Meredith Amdur Applied Merchandising Concepts, LLC Marco Gonzales Funnel Search MKT Experts George Hanze Applied Merchandising Concepts, LLC Mike Heneghan TimBar Displays Tac Johnston RockTenn Merchandising Displays Melissa Molyneaux InnoMark Communications Loretta Sebastian Imagine! Print Solutions EdComm News 1/15 vol 6, pg 1 POPAI STAFF: John Anderson Interim President - POPAI Direct Line: 312.863.2905 John Vena Wire Worx Displays, Inc. Joshua Probst RockTenn Merchandising Display Preston Poore Coca-Cola Who: John AndersonWho: John Anderson New Interim POPAI President At the September Board of Directors meeting, Richard Winter announced his resignation from POPAI. Richard served for five years and has moved on to be the CEO of Premier Store Fixtures in Hauppauge, NY. Richard was a strong supporter of our Educa- tion Committee and we wish him all the best in his new endeavors. To fill the position, the Board did a search and appointed John Ander- son, formerly of BP Oil, to act as Inter- im President. John has taken a very active role in advancing the Educa- tional Strategy for the Association and was on hand at our first ever Canadi- an Masters Program. John is driving a major push to increase education and support a Global Initiative that would make the North American POPAI chapter the clearing house for all educational content. This is a very exciting prospect and we will hear more about it at the Industry Leader- ship Conference in Orlando at the end of this month. Please fell free to reach out to John to welcome him and thank him for step- ping up to support POPAI and our committee. Karianna Haasch Mechtronics Corporation For anything you want to know about the POP industry, POPAI is your first click! Dave Danilowicz TimBar Displays James W. R. Cooke RockTenn Merchandising Display Who: Michael CureWho: Michael Cure Retiring After almost twelve years with POPAI, Michael has announced he will be retiring in the spring. Anyone who has been to any POPAI event knows Michael’s smile and his welcoming, professional manner. He has been on the front lines of member services for the association and will be missed. Please join me in wishing Michael a happy and well deserved retirement! Who: Michelle AdamsWho: Michelle Adams New POPAI Chairperson The January Board of Directors meet- ing always means a new Chairperson to lead POPAI. This year we say goodbye to Rich Carrigan Of United Displaycraft and hello to Michelle Adams of Brainology. Our many thanks go to Rich for all of his work in the past year and we look forward to working with Michelle to continue the improvements to POPAI’s education- al offerings. We are very lucky that both of these talented professionals are so willing to give of their time and talent to serve our members. Kudos! What:What: Education Strategic Plan Our Four Pillars Based on feedback from our members and in an effort to position POPAI in a leading role in the industry, we have been working on a strategic plan for our education programs. We have identi- fied four pillars that we will build on to achieve our goals. One, our members. We will develop relevant, useful content for our agency, brand marketer, retailer and producer members. Two, we will define best-of-class processes for our indus- try. Three, our products and services. We will continue to improve the Mas- ters content and market the MaRC certification. We have re-started the Leadership Conference and we will strengthen offerings under the POPAI Univ banner. We will create tracked content, to make sure there is some- thing of interest to every segment of our membership. And, four, create income streams. In order to attract the best speakers and to achieve our global educational goals we have to create and income stream from our education- al content. We can do this by leverag- ing technology and making much more of our content available as webinars.
  • 2. Who: Massimo VolpeWho: Massimo Volpe New Vice President Global Memberships In case you missed it, back in Sep- tember, we got a new staff member. Massimo brings a long history of Inter- national POPAI experience with him to Chicago as he joins us as the new VP of Global Memberships. As our brand marketers and retail partners continue to focus on the global mar- ketplace, this move will keep POPAI engaged at an international level. Please reach out Massimo if you have any international prospects for mem- bership. What:What: ILC, Industry Leadership Conference It’s Baaaaack! By popular demand, the annual gathering of leaders of the POP industry will attend a 2-day conference in Orlando Florida this month. The new compliance study, industry trends and networking events will be on the schedule. The event is sold out. But don’t worry, I’m sure Katie will be tweeting and we will be sending along a summary of topics that apply to education to be followed up with the committee. What:What: Masters in Chicago April 29-30 Save the date! Our spring date for Masters has been set. Venue and speaker/topics list to follow. What:What: POPAI U on the Road & Mini Masters Toronto, Canada We had a really good turn out for POPAI on the Road in Toronto in November. We had almost 90 for POPAI U and 22 stayed for the Mini-Masters program. This was the first time having a Masters program in Canada and while most of the response was positive, we have a couple improvements to our speaker formats in the works. We will be collecting content ahead of time and this will allow us to have handouts at the event and make sure that all content is information that can be shared with attendees. Everyone who attended received a text book and had the opportunity for a group dinner which was a lot of fun and great networking! What:What: Global Education Content Through POPAI North America John Anderson went to Europe and met with some of the leadership from our chapters over there. There is great interest and support in having the US be the clearing house for all POPAI Education. John even put together a plan to share content and take the Masters to an international audience and create income sharing by doing so. We are at the very begin- ning of this process and we will need the committees helping us through this exciting proposal. More details at our meeting in March at GlobalShop. When:When: Education Committee Meeting March 25,2015 Our next meeting will be at GlobalShop. On Wednesday, March 25th, 10:00am - 11:00am. The room is TBD, but please save the date. This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face and share ideas. I will be sending out an agenda, as always, if you have any ideas or issues you would like the committee to discuss, please send Nicki or I a note and we will get it on the agenda. What:What: Educational Content Master List One of the things the committee will be doing in Q1 is putting together a master calendar of all the educational offerings that are available through the association. The Women’s League and the Network both are creating content and we need to have visibility to make sure we are not duplicating effort and to track what might be worth credits to count towards the MaRC accreditation. How:How: Sub Committees Where the work gets done We got off to a strong start by creating smaller sub-committees to break out and take on specific tasks. We will be in touch to have sub committee meet- ings before our gathering at GlobalShop. Our sub-committees align very well with our strategic plan. The webinar and reference sub-com- mittees will support our development of products and services, the higher ed sub-committee supports member value, the website sub-committee can help to define processes. It is an ambitious agenda, but you have all demonstrated your willingness to dig in and do the work. We will send more details after the Board of Directors meeting next week and then an update on each sub-committee. EdComm News 1/15 vol 6, pg 2 Education Committee News: 1/2015Education Committee News: 1/2015 What:What: Special Thank you to James Cooke James has been working from the POPAI member list and has complet- ed quite a few member surveys. The template he used touches on what content members would like to see offered as well as the way they would like to receive it. This input will be reviewed by the full committee at our GlobalShop meeting and we will then parse the tasks out to our sub-com- mittees to help implement the direc- tives from our members. Thank you James, for your initiative, your time and your determination to see this through!

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