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I learned a lot of things about the history of Philippine election. I was ab...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Janvic Jan D. Canama MWF 3:30-4:30 “ELECTION” I learned a lot of things about the history of Philippine election. I was able to compare the before and present’s differences in the rules, ways, and its system. Before, only few selected people are able to cast a vote. Those illiterate and poor didn’t have the right to vote. Only those rich, who owns a property, and literates has the right. Election campaigns has also undergone into evolution. In the past, candidates will have to invite people to be in the plaza to listen to his speech and promises, do a house to house campaign (applicable in the present), and etc. But as time goes by, campaigns also followed new trends using technology. They advertise themselves through televisions, radio, posters, banners, tarpaulins, campaign jingles and lots more. That is why it is no wonder we often see election as a big party or fiesta! But election is not all good, it also have scandals. Since in the past election is on a ballot system, it is easy for evil candidates to pay and do a magic on the ballot. In the new system, instead of writing in candidates’ names on the traditional ballots, voters will now fill in corresponding bubbles on new 25-inch scantrons; instead of dropping their completed ballot into yellow metal boxes, now voters run them through Precinct Optical Scan or PCOS Recently, former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo faced accusations of manipulating the 2004 national elections in her favor. I realized that our country is run by few political families and belonged to a political dynasty. Just like the Aquino’s who’s ruling over in politics. They were able to take dominance due to having powerful politicians’ relatives. Violence during election times is very rampant as well. Politician candidates are willing to bribe, intimidate or even kill their co-candidates just to make sure they will get the position. That is how they are desperate to obtain it. I wonder if fraud will still continue to happen the good old-fashioned way, questioning how these machines will help clean up the system already used in corruption. The new automated system could still be manually overridden. Lots of forums and debates are being discussed on how safe the new system is in protecting the votes and deliver a transparent result.

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