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Press release vsh-12-showcase

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press release vsh-12-showcase

  • 1. Contact: Steven C. Philpott XtraMedium Communications LLC Phone 312.344.3037 E-mail steven@xtra-medium.comChicago Antiviolence ShowcaseCelebrates 2nd YearViolence Stops Here 2k12 Showcase bringsyoung people’s voices to the fore.Chicago, IL, January 23, 2013On December 14th 2012, ten contestants fromChicago’s Englewood, Grand Boulevard, and Chathamcommunities arrived by limousine to compete in theViolence Stops Here 2k12 Showcase at Resolution DigitalStudios in December.The youth were part of the 6-month contest to winthe 1st place $2,500 Larry Underwood Scholarship forCreative Excellence. They were chosen to perform in Contestants arrive at the VSH12 Showcase in style.the showcase via online voting by friends, family andcommunity. The showcase was produced before astudio audience and featured video segments,performances by CollaborAction Theater, Writers Never Die and the contestants. Click photo to view VSH12 Showcase 1st Deputy Chief of Staff for the City of Chicago was on hand to present the awards to the three finalists. Lyric Johnson, a sophomore from Kenwood Academy took home the $2,500 Grand Prize with her performance. Zana Carter of Simeon won 2nd Place and Team STV (Stop the Violence) from Lawless Gardens winning 3rd place. Their performances and the entire showcase can be viewed at The 2012 Violence Stops Here contest was supported by 3rd Ward Alderman Pat Dowell, 6th Ward Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer, 15th Ward Toni Foulkes, and 16th Ward Alderman JoAnn Thompson.Violence Stops Here is a New Media for Community Development campaign developed and managed by urban causemarketing firm XtraMedium Communications LLC. The campaign included collaboration between the aldermen andseveral community-based organizations as a way of getting youth to think about and creatively expressing their viewson ending violence in their neighborhoods.The Violence Stops Here contest began June 15th. Chicago Public School students ages 13– 19 from Chicago’s Chatham, Englewood, and Grand Boulevard communities submitteda short video from their cell phones or pc to to enter the contest.Each video was judged on: 1) creative expression, 2) relevance to the community, and3) number of online votes. more
  • 2. Page 2Once approved by committee, contest entries received online votes by friends and family to determine the top entriesto compete in the Violence Stops Here 2k12 finale. rd th th 3 Ward Alderman, 15 Ward Alderman 6 Ward Alderman Pat Dowell Toni Foulkes Roderick T. Sawyer “Violence is a cancer “The Violence Stops “We need youth to destroying our youth Here Contest is an get involved in the and communities. We excellent way for our Violence Stops Here contest. It sparks must find more children to express creative solutions to pressing problem ofproductive ways to express our their views about our community. After violence and gets us all involved in thefrustration and seek more understanding all it is their every day reality (on the process.”with each other. The future of our streets and in the school, etc). Adultscommunities depends on the choices we can only imagine it. It is only ourmake today.” hypothesis, so who is better to tell the story than our children?” th 16 Ward Alderman JoAnn Thompson “The Violence Stops Here campaign affords our youth an opportunity to speak freely and creatively on issues that directly impact their lives. It is a wonderful listening tool. Community leaders and Religious leaders should pay close attention to these messages. We need to know what our youth are thinking and how they internalize situations in their environment.”XtraMedium Communications worked on behalf of underwriter Chicago Beverage Systems to coordinate the campaignwith local City of Chicago councilmen (aldermen), keep their chiefs of staff informed of progress and generate goodwillacross the 6-months of the campaign. The councilmen were excited to see Chicago Beverage Systems bring thecontest to their areas for a second season. ###

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